block stack

Backyard Jenga

As you have probably figured out from past posts, I like to recycle and repurpose household items. A few weeks back I made a lofted bed for our youngest daughter. I ended up with several leftover scraps of 2×4 lumber. I also had more pieces left from previous projects. Needless to say, I had a … Read more


Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day.  Usually, the day devoted to celebrating dads is fairly subdued for our family.  My dad lives several hours away from here.  Todd’s dad does, too.  I am actually not even certain that we have seen either one of them on Father’s Day since our marriage fifteen years ago. We call them … Read more


$400 Budget Update – 6/16

It was a light shopping week for our family–woot, woot!  After a couple weeks of pretty heavy shopping, I was ready to be done wandering through endless stores and shopping aisles. I found a surprise food bargain this weekend at Menard’s, of all places.  Todd was paying attention when an announcement about sale-priced bratwurst came … Read more