$400 Budget Update – 5/26

Summer vacation officially arrived in our household this week.  School year activities are over, public school classes end tomorrow, and we are in full summer planning mode.  It is exciting! We hosted family most of the weekend and we had a slower-paced life this week.  I expected to spend more time in the kitchen, but … Read more


Making the Switch to Digital Reading

Our family finished the school year last Friday.  Yesterday, I began lesson planning for the 2016-17 academic year.  Why the rush?  Well, first off, I want to be prepared.  Second, we are transitioning to a much larger proportion of digital learning materials.  In order to effectively teach from digital curriculum, I need to understand it … Read more


$400 Budget Update – 5/12

Our schedule is all wonky this week.  As a result, my typical shopping adventures have been delayed or forgone.  We made a trip to Natural Grocers in preparation for Mother’s Day.  After patiently spending way more time looking at allergen-free baking mixes than should be necessary, Todd made some really yummy brownies for me.  I … Read more