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Weekend Work Wednesday 7/20

Below is this week’s list of what I found on a particularly good sale price.  Some of the things listed here are specific items, others are categories; it all depends on how the sales are structured.  There are links to the specific store’s ad on their website if you want more information on any of … Read more

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Family Favorite Games

Our family loves to spend time together. When the weather is nice, we spend time outside. However, we seem to have many days where the weather does not cooperate. On those days, we often play games. Board games. Card games. We have tried more than I can count. And own dozens of them. Below is … Read more


$400 Budget Update – 7/16

My weekly budget posts have almost always happened on Thursday since we started the blog nearly a year ago.  This week, I am two days behind.  I feel bad about it, but there were some distractions in our family. First, we had this little thing called Lyme’s Disease hit the house.  Between clinic visits, a … Read more