$350 Budget Update – 10/22

This week’s shopping trip was pretty easy on the checkbook.  As long as we do not have any major surprises in the next few days, we should come in at or under our $350 budget this October.  The store sales ads were pretty light for deals, and I also shopped our home pantry for most of the food incorporated into our menu.  In addition, we were blessed with a very generous gift of food from friends this week.

On Sunday, we went to the home of some friends under the impression that we would return home with three medium-sized pumpkins.  Instead, we ended up with a car full of vegetables and an afternoon of memories.  Todd shared pictures and stories about our adventures about this experience earlier this week in his post, Fall is for Family.  I have been busy ever since then figuring out how to best utilize all that food!

To see posts from earlier this month about our $350 budget you can click here, here, and here.  This week I shopped at two of our local grocery chains and Dollar Tree.

As a side note, it has been a week since I planted them, and my overwintering onions are still alive.  I am hopeful for their future success.


At the end of today’s post, you’ll see our weekly menu plan.

Local Chain #1:


  • Red potatoes (5 lb.), Gala apples (2.31 lb.), $3.28
  • Block cheese (1 lb.), Shredded cheese (8 oz.), $5.00
  • Discount for reusable bag, -$0.05
  • Total: $8.23

Local Chain #2:


  • Pasta (4 lb.), Salt (26 oz.), Powdered milk (25.6 oz.), Chex mix (17.5 oz.), $13.35
    after coupons for pasta and Chex mix
  • Bananas (1.75 lb.), $0.78 after Checkout 51 rebate
  • Frozen corn (2 lb.), Frozen peas (2 lb.), $3.60
  • Gatorate (32 oz.), free after coupon
  • Gluten-free cake mix (returned from last week’s trip), -$3.99
  • Total: $13.74

Dollar Tree:


  • Tortillas (3 lb.), $3.00
  • Total: $3.00

Free from Friends:


  • Pumpkins (4 normal, 1 small, 1 absolutely enormous)
  • Squash (1 enormous)
  • Onions (3)
  • Romaine lettuce (2 heads)
  • Tomatoes (7 pounds)
  • Total: free!!

Grand Total: $24.97

Month Total: $276.25

We have exactly $73.75 left to spend in October.  I know we have some household staples left to purchase and I need to beef up my stash for National Candy Collection Day.  In addition, we have a few planned purchases that will show up in next week’s post.


Cereal, toast, baked oatmeal, quick bread


Burritos, soup, sandwiches, quesadillas, fruit and veggies


Squash soup, biscuits & cheese, lettuce salad

Tacos, corn

Macaroni & cheese, lettuce salad with tomatoes

Rice & beans, lettuce salad

Tuna chowder, crackers, lettuce salad

Hamburgers, baked onion rings, peas

Buffalo chicken calzones, green beans, lettuce salad

What are you eating this week?  Send me an email or comment below!