$350 Budget Update – 10/29

October will be gone in two days.  Snow fell outside our home for the first time yesterday.  Surely autumn will be over soon, too.  For our budget, October has been a good month.  You will see at the bottom of the post that we met our $350 budget goal in October.  We even had a little change to spare.  Woot, woot!

If you would like to see how the budget progressed through the month, you can click here, here, here, or here.

There are two reasons why our family was able to do so well budget-wise in October.  First, I have officially entered our household’s season of online shopping.  There are a few websites and blogs I follow for really awesome deals.  Delivery trucks are arriving here regularly.  Items purchased online that go in the $350 budget will show up in my posts alongside anything I bought at a traditional brick and mortar store.

We also did our budget a favor by opting to participate in a local food buying “club” this month.  We have stocked our freezer and pantry a couple times in the past from this club and decided to give it another try.  I did not take the time to calculate the monetary value of the food we received from our share this month.  I know for certain that it was much more than our $21.00 investment, though.

Most of the food items in our “club” share boxes are castoffs from commercial kitchen suppliers.  We now proudly own a gallon of iced coffee concentrate.  Club participants never really know what will be in their box ahead of time.  Sometimes we get a little creative in the kitchen to use it all up.  As a bonus, we often receive foods that we never would have considered buying on our own, like sriracha sauce.

In addition to the “club” share, I made purchases on the websites Amazon.com and ePantry.com this week.  Brick and mortar stores included Mills’ Fleet Farm, the Dollar Tree, Costco, and one local grocery chain.

Also, an update: the overwintered onions are still alive!

At the end of today’s post, you’ll see our weekly menu plan.

Local Chain:


  • Alum granules (1.25 oz.), Dried lima beans (1 lb.), $3.06
  • Pears (3 lb.), Baby carrots (2 lb.), Apples (3. lb.), Romaine lettuce (1 head), $9.09 after Checkout 51 rebate for carrots
  • Cream cheese (8 oz.), $1.48
  • Total: $13.63

Food “Club” Share:


  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (10 lb.), Pork hocks (1.6 lb.), Boneless, skinless chicken thighs (28 oz.), Taco seasoned ground turkey (16 oz.)
  • Eggs (1.5 dozen)
  • Naan crisps (566 g), Veggie stix (13.5 oz.), Tortilla chips (7 oz.)
  • Flavored rice dinner mix (27.6 oz.)
  • Horseradish sauce (9.25 oz.), Mayo (30 oz.), Sriracha sauce (7.5 oz.)
  • V8 juice (12 oz.), Pineapple soda (20 oz.), Lemon-lime soda (20 oz.), Iced coffee concentrate (1 gal.), Cherry cola (24 oz.), Strawberry mixer (32 oz.)
  • Red potatoes (10 lb.), Winter squash (5 lb.)
  • Wheat bread (20 oz.), Italian bread (1 lb.), Hamburger buns (12 oz.)
  • Total: $21.00

Mills’ Fleet Farm:


  • Candy mix (96 oz.), $15.03
  • Total: $15.03



  • Skim milk (3 gal.), Lactose free milk (1.5 gal.), $15.59
  • Total: $15.59



  • Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap (12.5 oz.), $0.00 after using credit in my account and qualifying for free shipping
  • Soy candle, $0.00 this was a surprise–I received it as an apology for my chosen soap scent being out of stock–and it smells really good, too
  • Total: $0.00

Dollar Tree:


  • Baking powder (8.1 oz.), $1.00
  • Tortillas (3 lb.), $3.00
  • Hand held mirror, $1.08
  • Total: $5.08



  • Muscle pain relief cream (8.8 oz.), $0.10 after completing a product review
  • Total: $0.10

Grand Total: $70.43

Month Total: $346.68


Cereal, toast, cinnamon swirl bread, cinnamon roll baked oatmeal, pancakes


Soup, sandwiches, burritos, Italian dunkers, fruit & veggies


Hamburger gravy over potatoes, biscuits, lettuce salad

Bean & lentil chimis, lettuce salad

Homemade fish sticks, rice pilaf, peas, lettuce salad

Macaroni and cheese, carrots, corn

BBQ pork sandwiches, oven fries, squash

Potato soup, crackers with peanut butter, lettuce salad

Turkey tacos, refried beans

What are you eating this week?  Send me an email or comment below!