$350 Budget Update – 1/1

Happy New Year!  While I am posting this update in January, all of the items included today were acquired in December.  We had a good week, budget-wise.

If you are new to Team Made Family, you will find my original post on the $350 budget here.  In addition, you can see how we already spent our grocery budget in December here, here, here, and here.  At the end of today’s post, you will see our weekly menu plan.

My mom shared some baking items with us this week.  She no longer needed them and knew we would put the pantry staples to good use.  In addition to the items in the picture below, she also gifted a 5-lb. bag of flour and a 10-lb. bag of granulated sugar.  I added these to my baking canisters before remembering to snap a picture.

Second, we had an opportunity to purchase two shares at our food buying club this week, rather than our typical single box.  Participation by other people was down this month, which meant extra shares were available.  The shares were also unusually large.  Since our second share was purchased on site, rather than online, it was a dollar less than normal for me.  You will see below that we really stretched our $41.00 well with this purchase.

I ventured into Wal-Mart for the second time this month.  We had a few items left to purchase for our foster care project and it made sense to pick up groceries at the same time.  One of our local grocery chains changed their coupon policy this week to be less shopper-friendly, as well.  After my two-year hiatus, I may find myself shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart with some frequency again.

Finally, several neighbors, friends, and family members shared gifts of Christmas treats with our family this week.  I didn’t take pictures, but we had cookies, caramel puff corn, Chex mix, and a variety of other snacks to enjoy.

Gift from Mom:

groceries on a budget family friendly grocery shopping

  • Flour (5 lb.), Granulated sugar (10 lb.), Powdered sugar (2 lb.), Brown sugar (2 lb.)
  • Chocolate kisses (11 oz.), Chocolate chips (10 oz.)
  • Total: free

Food Club Share (x2):

buying in bulk extreme couponing

  • Plain yogurt (64 oz.), Maple yogurt (6 oz.), Strawberry banana smoothie (6 oz.)
  • Pitas ( 24 oz.), Dinner rolls (15 oz.), Cinnamon rolls (4 lb.), Hamburger buns (21 oz.), Hotdog buns (1 lb.), English muffins (60 oz.), White bread (20 oz.), 12-grain bread (24 oz.), Baguettes (6 lb.)
  • Mashed potatoes (6 lb.), Frozen potatoes (5 lb.), Red potatoes (20 lb.), Frozen corn (20 lb.)
  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (40 oz.), Teriyaki beef jerky (1.48 lb.)
  • Flatbread pizza (4.2 lb.), Sloppy joe bread bowls (36 oz.), Mac & cheese (11 oz.)
  • Chipotle crisps (20 oz.), Blueberry syrup (48 oz.), Jelly (50 oz.), Horseradish (64 oz.)
  • Cocoa mix (20 oz.), Vitamin water (20 oz.), Juice cocktail (45.6 oz.), Soda (72 oz.)
  • Total: $41.00


grocery shopping for kids

  • Romaine lettuce (1 head), Pears (1.86 lb.), $4.70
  • Almond milk (1/2 gal.), Skim milk (1 gal.), Shredded cheese (1 lb.) $9.61 after coupons
  • Frozen pot pies (14 oz.), Bratwurst (14 oz.), $4.07 after coupon
  • Distilled water (1 gal.), Pasta (26.5 oz.), $2.44 after coupons
  • Total: $20.82

Grand Total: $61.82

This month, we were $0.98 over budget.  This annoys me.  Especially since I realized as I was going through my receipt today that Wal-Mart overcharged me $1.09 for my pears.  Oh well.  Such is life.  Even though we came up almost a dollar short on our budget for the year, I will call it a win anyway.


Muffins, toast, yogurt, cinnamon rolls, French toast, pancakes & eggs


Rice & beans, pita pockets, mac & cheese, sandwiches, burritos, buttered noodles, fruits & veggies


Tuna melts, carrots, lettuce salad

Pizza, lettuce salad, corn

Chicken sandwiches, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies

Sloppy joes, carrots, baked potatoes

Italian dunkers, lettuce salad

Potato soup, crackers w/ peanut butter, lettuce salad

Bratwurst, mashed potatoes, corn

How do you keep your grocery budget in check?  Let me know in an email or message below!