$350 Budget Update – 11/25

This week I did all of my shopping a day early.  I usually shop on Wednesdays.  Heading to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving terrifies me, though.  The crowds, tension, and lines are more than I care to deal with.

We ended November with a fairly large amount of money to carry over into December.  This is good, as I will use that cash to purchase baking supplies and stock up on discounts I find throughout the month.

If you are new to the $350 budget posts, you can find my original story here.  Also, if you want to know where we have spent our money this November, you can read about that here, here, and here.

This week, we got our monthly food club share.  The box was not bountiful, but still paid for itself.  The chicken we received this month actually turned out to be chicken.  I plan to use our kiwi snow cone flavoring to make homemade popsicles.

In addition, I shopped at CVS and one local grocery chain.

At the end of today’s post, you will see our weekly menu plan.

Food club share:

ruby's pantry frugal living cheap groceries

  • Paper towels (1 roll)
  • Whole chicken (4 lb.), eggs (1 dozen)
  • Tootie Fruities cereal (9 oz.), almond trail mix (6.5 oz.), bread crumb mix (3.35 oz.), cinnamon rolls (2 lb.)
  • Pita puffs (4 oz.), animal crackers (8 oz.), lemon cookies (9 oz.), cookie mix (14 oz.)
  • Vegetarian chili (15 oz.), chickpea tomato soup (14.5 oz.), hashbrowns (1701 g)
  • Kiwi snow cone flavoring (1/2 gal.), Coke (72 oz.)
  • English muffin bread (1 lb.), whole wheat bread (20 oz.), Texas toast bread (20 oz.), hot dog buns (11 oz.)
  • Oriental Trading gift bags (3)
  • Total: $21.00


drugstore game cvs extra bucks extrabucks coupons free stuff

  • Pantiliners (20 ct.), maxi pads (72 ct.), $7.50 after tax, coupons, and Extrabucks discounts
  • Gum (2 packs), cranberry juice (16 oz.), Chex mix (8.75 oz.), M&Ms (1.74 oz.), corn (30.4 oz.), $2.07 after tax, coupons, and Extrabucks discounts
  • Toothpaste (3.5 oz.), free after tax, coupons, and Extrabucks discounts
  • Total: $9.57

Local chain:

coupons cheap grocery shopping family budget frugal living

  • Evaporated milk (11 oz.), Green beans (5 lb., 7 oz.), $3.56 after coupons
  • Frozen turkey (14.02 lb.), hot dogs (12 oz.), $8.28
  • Baby carrots (1 lb.), celery (1), cucumbers (3), romaine lettuce (2 heads), $5.96 after coupons
  • Cool whip (8 oz.), crescent rolls (8 oz.), $0.98 after coupons
  • Skim milk (2 gal.), almond milk (1 gal.), shredded cheese (1 lb.), $15.82 after coupons
  • Total: $34.60

Grand total: $65.17

Month total: $310.30

We have $39.70 to carry over into December.  That will come in handy as I purchase additional baking supplies to fill our pantry.  I still might put in a purchase to Zaycon for chicken, as well.


Cereal, toast & eggs, banana bread, cottage cheese, cinnamon rolls


Sandwiches, buttered noodles, quesadillas, pigs in blankets, fruits & veggies


Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, green beans, garlic toast

Roast chicken, rice, mixed veggies, lettuce salad

Chicken salad sandwiches, carrots, lettuce salad

Macaroni & cheese, corn, lettuce salad

Bean & lentil burritos, lettuce salad

Cheeseburger pizza, lettuce salad

Dinner with family (x1)

How do you keep your grocery budget in check?  What are you eating this week?