$350 Budget Update – 12/10

Welcome to the season of baking!  This week, I purchased many items to stock our pantry.  We make plates of treats for friends and family members every Christmas, so those supplies will come in handy the next couple of weeks.

If you are new to Team Made Family, you can read my original post about our monthly $350 budget here.  Every week I post status updates and show what household items and groceries we purchased.  Our budget is tight, but definitely reasonable for our family of five.

This week I shopped at two local grocery chains, Costco, CVS, and the Dollar Tree.  You can see how we spent money already this December in my post here.  At the end of today’s post, you will see our weekly menu plan.

Local chain #1:

grocery shopping on a budget

  • Saltine crackers (2 lb.), $2.00
  • Corn (30.5 oz.), $0.20 after coupon
  • Total: $2.20

Local chain #2:

extreme couponing cheap groceries

  • Brown sugar (4 lb.), Gummy bears (15 oz.), Peanut butter cups (2.8 oz.), Butterscotch chips (33 oz.), $11.20 after coupons
  • Salsa (7.5 lb.), Pizza (14.1 oz.), $7.44 after coupons
  • Cheese (1.5 lb.), $5.00
  • Pears (3 lb.), Romaine lettuce (2), $6.94
  • Total: $30.58


frugal family grocery budget

  • Milk (3 gal.), Lactose free milk (1.5 gal.), Butter (4 lb.), $25.74 after Ibotta rebate
  • Peanut butter (6 lb.), $8.89
  • Total: $34.63

Dollar Tree:

cheap food eating on a budget

  • Animal crackers (11 oz.), Whale crackers (7 oz.), $2.00
  • Tortillas (3 lb.), $3.00
  • Total: $5.00


drugstore game inexpensive household purchases

  • Contacts solution (24 oz.), Moisturizer (4 oz.), $17.45 after coupons and Extra Bucks
  • Maxi pads (22 ct.), $4.42
  • Total: $21.87

Grand total: $94.28

Month total: $225.16

Our budget for the remainder of December is a scant $164.54.  The good news is that we have a freezer full of meat and virtually all of our baking supplies for the month are purchased.  We should still be able to make our $350 goal, even with three weeks left before month’s end.


Cold cereal, pancakes & eggs, muffins & yogurt, toast & eggs


Bean burritos, sandwiches, soup, cheese quesadillas, rice & beans, buttered noodles & deviled eggs, fruits & veggies


Hamburgers, French fries, lettuce salad

Lentil spaghetti, lettuce salad

Macaroni & cheese, lettuce salad, mixed veggies

Tacos, peas

Tuna chowder, crackers, lettuce salad

Cheeseburger calzones, lettuce salad, green beans

Dinner at church (x1)

How do you keep your grocery budget in check?  What are you eating this week?