$350 Budget Update – 12/3

This week was a real budget buster for us.  After Thanksgiving, our refrigerator was pretty bare and the pantry needed restocking with staples.  We did have some carryover from November’s budget, so we will have a bit more than $350 to work with, $39.70 to be exact.

So, we will begin December with $389.70 in the coffers.  If you are curious how we ended November, you can see the post here.  Also, if you are unfamiliar with the whys and hows of our monthly grocery and household items budget, you can see my original post here.

This week we received a gift of food from Todd’s parents.  Todd’s dad harvested a deer this season and generously shared some of the meat with us.  I also shopped at two local grocery chains, Costco, and Dollar Tree.

At the end of today’s post, you will see our weekly menu plan.

Gift from parents:

grocery budget frugal living

  • Chops (1 pkg.), steak (2 pkg.), ground venison (4 pkg.), free
  • Total: free

Local chain #1:

cheap groceries frugal living budget groceries

  • Pasta (6 lb.), Butterscotch chips (12 oz.), $6.93 after coupon and tax
  • Ground turkey (9 lb.), $19.62
  • Apples (6 lb.), Carrots (5 lb.), Romaine lettuce (2 heads), Potatoes (8 lb.), Onions (5 lb.), $18.96
  • Shredded hash browns (2 lb.), Peas (2 lb.), $2.00 after coupon
  • Orange juice (1 gal.), Cottage cheese (20 oz.), $4.96
  • Total: $52.47

Local chain #2:

budget groceries extreme couponing frugal living

  • Oranges (3.36 lb.), $2.07 after Checkout 51 rebate
  • Almond milk (.5 gal.), Eggs (4.5 dozen), $10.34
  • Total: $12.31 after reusable bag discount

Dollar Tree:

cheap groceries couponing frugal living

  • Whale crackers (7 oz.), Pretzels (12 oz.), $2.00
  • Tortillas (5 lb.), $5.00
  • Tape (1 roll), $1.08 after tax
  • Total: $8.08


frugal living shopping on a budget

  • Sugar (25 lb.), Flour (25 lb.), $16.58
  • Tortilla chips (3 lb.), Chocolate chips (4.5 lb.), $13.15 after tax
  • Skim milk (3 gal.), Lactose free milk (1.5 gal.), Shredded cheddar (5 lb.), $28.29
  • Total: $58.02

Grand total: $130.88

We still have $258.82 left to spend in December.  Our freezer is stocked with lots of meat, so hopefully that will be plenty of money to carry us through the end of the month.


Toast and eggs, Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal, cottage cheese, muffins, pancakes & eggs


Snack-style lunch, sandwiches, rice & beans, cheese quesadillas, mac & cheese, fruit & veggies


Potato soup in bread bowls, lettuce salad

Crock pot venison stew with veggies, bread, lettuce salad

Tuna melts, hash browns, lettuce salad

Tex-Mex lasagna with lentils, lettuce salad

Turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, biscuits

Hamburgers, baked onion rings, apples

Dinner at church (x1)

How do you keep your grocery budget in check?  What are you eating this week?