$400 Budget Update – 1/12

This was a normal spending week for us again.  I did a little online shopping, but then only went to two stores.  As a result, our budget is in really good shape so far this year.  Especially considering that many of the purchases listed below are “stock up” items.

I am slowly plugging away at my Costco comparison list.  So far, I am uncertain about where I can find certain baking ingredients for comparable prices.  Everything else I can get at Aldi, Walmart, or our regular chains (with coupons) for equal prices or even less.  I still think we will let our membership lapse, but more on that another day.

This week, I shopped on Amazon Prime Pantry again (I had a little more credit to use).  In addition, I have a chicken breast order from Zaycon Foods coming in March.  I am deducting a third of that cost each month for the next three months, starting today.  Lastly, I shopped at our local gluten-free bakery and one local chain.

If you are new to my weekly budgeting posts, you can catch the original story here.  As always, our weekly menu is written at the end.

Zaycon Foods

  • Chicken breast order deduction (40 lb.), $22.53
  • Total: $22.53

Amazon Prime Pantry

  • Deodorant (4.5 oz.), Shampoo (27 oz.), Dishwasher detergent (75 oz.), Coke (96 oz.), $16.71 after credit and discounts
  • Total: $16.71

Gluten-free Bakery

  • Bread (19 oz.), Bagels (14 oz.), Buns (12 oz.), $9.00
  • Total: $9.00

Local Chain

  • Milk (3 gal.), Eggs (1 doz.), Almond milk (1 gal.), Turkey (1 lb.), $16.93 after coupons
  • Peas & carrots (16 oz.), Spinach (10 oz.), Green beans (58 oz.), Corn (58 oz.), Bananas (1.17 lb.), Apples (2.45 lb.), Carrots (2 lb.), Celery (1), Lettuce (2), Oranges (4 lb.), Pears (2.6 lb.), $19.21
  • Bear cookies (10 oz.), Tomato soup (53.75 oz.), Bread (24 oz.), Pasta (4 lb.), Tortillas (2 lb.), Black beans (30 oz.), Cereal (50 oz.), Pasta sauce (48 oz.), Washing soda (55 oz.), Fels Naptha (5 oz.), Gluten-free pasta (2 lb.), $26.93 after coupons and tax
  • Total: $58.07 after $5.00 off total bill coupon

Grand Total: $106.31

Total for January: $198.16

We are doing really well for the month–almost two weeks in and still a little over half of the budget is left.  Hopefully the rest of January can go so well.


Toast, muffins, Homemade Granola, pancakes, eggs, cereal, fruit


Italian dunkers, burritos, sandwiches, baked potato bar, fruits & veggies


Turkey sandwiches on Homemade Bread, carrots, raisins

Chicken & rice, green beans, lettuce salad

Homemade Cheese Pizza, lettuce salad

Sweet & sour sausage over rice, corn, lettuce salad

Spaghetti, lettuce salad

Chicken & Spinach Calzones, lettuce salad, peas & carrots

Tuna chowder, crackers, lettuce salad

How is your 2017 grocery budget doing?  Let me know in an email or comment below!