$400 Budget Update – 12/1

And we made it to December under budget.  I know you cannot see it right now, but this is me doing a happy dance.  My children insist there is. no. food.  That is so not true.  We have all sorts of things to eat.  But because we ate from the pantry quite a bit this last week, we are finally back on track.

This week I made one tiny trip to Walmart.  Otherwise, we made do with what we had.  Oh, and Thanksgiving.  That little day was spent eating yummy food with family.  We contributed pies and a fruit salad, but otherwise we enjoyed the generosity of some other very fine cooks.

If you are new to my weekly budgeting posts, you can catch the original story here.  As always, our weekly menu is posted at the end.



  • Gluten free pasta (16 oz.), Iceberg lettuce (1), Milk (2 gal.), Almond milk (1 gal.), Flour (25 lb.), $22.52
  • Total: $22.52

Total for November: $390.67

We have $9.33 left to add with December’s $400 budget.  So excited.  For the last month, I have purchased several food items that have not shown up in these budget posts because they belong in the “gift” section of our family’s budget.  This is because we bake and share about two dozen plates of cookies every year at Christmas time.

Obviously, we will have some baking supplies left over when we are done.  I plan to mentally calculate the value of those leftovers and deduct them from our December budget.  The amount will not be that much, though.


Homemade Baked Oatmeal, toast, Homemade Granola, pancakes, eggs, fruit


Burritos, sandwiches, quesadillas, rice & beans, fruits & veggies


Chicken fingers, pasta salad, mixed veggies, lettuce salad

Beef, black bean, & potato soup, Homemade Bread, lettuce salad

Hamburgers on Homemade Buns, Oven Fries, lettuce salad

Fish, rice, mixed veggies, lettuce salad

Chicken tacos, corn

Spaghetti, lettuce salad

Supper at church (x1)

What are your favorite cookies to make for Christmas?  Let me know in an email or comment below!