$400 Budget Update – 1/30

I got a little distracted last week and ignored the blog.  Our state homeschool association asked for my help with a project.  I needed to get a book read for my middle daughter’s confirmation work.  And a host of other tasks demanded my attention.

At long last, this is what should have been last Thursday’s post.  If you are new to my weekly budgeting updates, you can catch the original story here.  Last week, I shopped at Walmart, two local chains (one of them twice), the gluten free bakery, and Dollar Tree.  We even stayed under budget in January.

Unfortunately, I threw last week’s menu out yesterday.  I completely forgot about needing it for this post.  We ate well, though.  I promise.  We consumed many of the food items I purchased before I thought to note sizes and weights.  So there are a few things without that this week.  And I was in a hurry one of the days I went to the store, so things went in the fridge before pictures were taken.  It was one of those weeks.  I apologize.

Dollar Tree:

No picture.

  • Pretzels (12 oz.), Black beans (32 oz.), Pinto beans (24 oz.), Tortillas (2 lb.), $6.00
  • Total: $6.00

Gluten Free Bakery:

  • Bread (38 oz.), Bagels (14 oz.), $9.00
  • Total: $9.00

Local Chain #1:

No picture.

  • Pineapple (1), Eggs (2 doz.), $3.87 after reusable bag discount
  • Total: $3.87

Local Chain #2:

  • Tomatoes (14.5 oz.), Tortilla chips (32 oz.), Jelly (32 oz.), Candy bars (???), Potato chips (8 oz.), Bear cookies (10 oz.), Salad dressing (16 oz.), $7.56 after coupons
  • Chicken breasts (2.13 lb.), Fish sticks (???), Milk (3 gal.), Shredded cheese (1 lb.), Almond milk (1 gal.), $26.13
  • Apples (4.07 lb.), Carrots (2 lb.), Lettuce (3), Mixed veggies (1 lb.), $9.27
  • Total: $42.96

Local Chain #2 (2nd trip):

  • Tortilla chips (20 oz.), Almond milk (0.5 gal.), $4.44
  • Total: $4.44


No picture.

  • Tomato sauce (48 oz.), Salsa (4 lb.), Gluten free pasta (2 lb.), $6.84
  • Total: $6.84

Grand Total: $73.11

Total for January: $365.39

We had a total of $34.61 left to spend this month.  Which, for the first month of the year, is a really good start.  Especially since there were no real produce, dairy, or meat sales to speak of in January, and that is where a large portion of our grocery dollars go.  I am glad to have the carry-over that we will bring in with us to the month of February.

Have you stayed on budget the first month of the year?  Let me know in an email or comment below!