$400 Budget Update – 2/4

I usually spend quite a bit on groceries the first week of every month.  We are usually low on many staples.  I have to reload.

This month, we were able to avoid much of that shopping.  Our last two food club shares supplied us with enough baked goods to last a month.  I have baked a few times since December, but not at my usual rate.  Today I baked homemade bread for the first time since before Christmas.  It has been a nice little break.

If you are new to the blog, you can read my original story about our grocery budgeting process here.  Last week I posted that we had a little leftover in the January budget, so we are starting February with $409.63, rather than our allotted $400.00.

I shopped at five stores this week: Costco, Dollar Tree, CVS, and two local chains.  At the end of today’s post, you will see our weekly menu plan.

Local Chain #1:

couponing for families

  • Salad dressing (80 oz.), Pineapple (1), $6.94
  • Total: $6.89 after reusable bag discount

Local Chain #2:

keeping grocery prices low

  • Tuna (50 oz.), Salsa (4 lb.), Spaghetti sauce (48 oz.), Rice cakes (4.9 oz.), Chex mix (17.5), $12.54 after coupons
  • Oranges (8 lb.), Celery (1), Carrots (4 lb.), Romaine lettuce (2), Cucumbers (2), Sunflower nuts (.56 lb.), Onions (3 lb.), Pears (3 lb.), Mushrooms (8 oz.), Apples (5 lb.), Green cabbage (2.45 lb.), $29.03 after coupons & Checkout 51 rebate
  • Paper towels (6 rolls ), Tofu (12 oz.), Non-dairy cream cheese (8 oz.), $9.95
  • Total: $46.79 after $5.00 off $50.00 coupon and tax


drugstore game

  • Deodorant (6 oz.), $1.50 after coupons
  • Total: $1.91 after tax, plus I received $2.50 additional Extra Bucks to use on my next purchase

Dollar Tree

cheap finds at the dollar store

  • Whale crackers (7 oz.), Alphabet cookies (13.75 oz.), Animal crackers (14 oz.), Pretzels (9.5 oz.), Tortillas (2 lb.), $6.00
  • AAA batteries (8 ct.), $1.00
  • Total: $7.08 after tax


savings at the store

  • Tortilla chips (3 lb.), Veggie straws (25 oz.), Flax (3 lb.), Flour (25 lb.), $20.46
  • Lactose free milk (1.5 gal.), Skim milk (2 gal.), Shredded cheddar (5 lb.), $24.64
  • Total: $45.10

Grand Total: $107.77

February Budget Remaining: $301.86

Since I usually spend closer to $150.00 during the first week of every month, this was a nice way to cushion our budget.  We have plenty left to get us through all of February.


Cottage cheese, English muffins, cereal, eggs & bacon, toast, yogurt, doughnuts


Sandwiches, cheese & crackers, burritos, fruits & veggies


Lentil spaghetti, lettuce salad

Tuna melts, lettuce salad, peas & carrots

Chicken & rice, lettuce salad, mixed veggies

Pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn, bread

Chicken soup, crackers, lettuce salad

Taco mac, coleslaw, corn

Hamburgers, French fries, coleslaw

How do you keep grocery costs low?  Write an email or comment below!