$400 Budget Update – 3/9

This week I spent more time studying for CLEP exams than just about anything else.  I took my first exam of six on Monday–and passed.  Yay!  Now I am working my way through materials for exam number two.  As a result, grocery shopping is a fast and simple process around here right now.

Sometimes, this can impact our budget negatively.  So far that is not the case.  Hopefully that scenario continues.  This week I shopped at three stores: CVS, Menards, and one local chain.  The Menards purchase was by accident.  Off-brand salad dressing was a really good price when Todd and I went in there for home repair items.  So far the family is giving so-so reviews on the dressing.  At least it was inexpensive.

I included a picture of our forty pounds of chicken from Zaycon Foods.  I already deducted the cost of the chicken from our budget, but I thought maybe someone might be curious what it looks like.  As a side note, I think we get more usable meat when we get Zaycon chicken, versus what I buy at the grocery store.  It is not injected with salt solution and the fat is pretty well trimmed off.  I also like the flavor of Zaycon’s chicken better than anything I can purchase from our stores.

My new mop head from Norwex finally showed up in the mail, too.  You can see the picture below.

If you are new to my weekly budgeting posts, you can catch the original story here.  As always, our family’s weekly menu is listed below.


Zaycon Foods:


  • Maxi pads (44 ct.), $2.52 after tax and coupons
  • Total: $2.52


  • Salad dressing (80 oz.), Freezer bags (25 ct.), $4.95
  • Total: $4.95

Local Chain:

  • Salad dressing (16 oz.), Toilet paper (12 ct.), Pasta sauce (24 oz.), Crackers (1 lb.), Animal crackers (10 oz.), Bear cookies (20 oz.), Granola bars (6 oz.), Tortilla chips (30 oz.), Gluten free bagels (13.9 oz.), $17.66 after coupon, tax, and Checkout 51 rebate
  • Pork roast (7.67 lb.), Milk (2 gal.), Butter (2 lb.), Eggs (1 doz.), Almond milk (1 gal.), $27.81
  • Bananas (1.07 lb.), Apples (2.38 lb.), Celery (1), Lettuce (3), Pears (2.75 lb.), Potatoes (8 lb.), Tomatoes (0.86 lb.), Mushrooms (1 lb.), Peas & carrots (2 lb.), Peas (2 lb.), Corn (1 lb.), $23.89 after coupon
  • Total: $69.36

Grand Total: $76.83

We have $247.95 left in the Budget for March.  We have a lot of meat in the freezer, so that should go a long way toward keeping us in line with our spending.  Hopefully produce prices come down soon, too.


Toast, Homemade Granola, muffins, pancakes, fruit


Burritos, rice & beans, sandwiches, deviled eggs & crackers, Homemade Mac & Cheese, fruits & veggies


Hamburger gravy over potatoes, applesauce, biscuits

Homemade Cheese Pizza, lettuce salad

Tuna noodle casserole, lettuce salad, peas

Chicken & rice, peas & carrots, lettuce salad

Potato soup with black beans, lettuce salad, Homemade Bread

Pork roast, noodles in sauce, peas & carrots, lettuce salad

Supper at church (x1)

Have you ever ordered from Zaycon Foods?  Let me know in an email or comment below!