$400 Budget Update – 4/6

This week, Todd began the adventure of slowly taking over the $400 budget from me.  The goal is to have most of the process completely transitioned to him by December.  We are learning through trial and error that some components may not become his task.

It seems a little crazy to take so much time to transition menu planning and grocery shopping from one person to another, but it is a pretty big task.  $400 is not a lot of money to stretch between five people for thirty days.  It takes significant planning.  Slowly, but surely, we are getting it done.

This week, our family shopped quite a bit: two local chains (both of them twice), Dollar Tree, Walmart, Costco, and CVS.  If you are new to our weekly budgeting updates, you can catch the original story here.  As always, our menu for the week is listed below.


  • Shredded cheddar (5 lb.), Almond milk (1.5 gal.), Milk (2 gal.), $26.66
  • Total: $26.66


  • Chocolate chips (12 oz.), Tomato soup (10.5 oz.), Margarine (13 oz.), $5.42
  • Total: $5.42

Dollar Tree:

  • Tortillas (3 lb.), $3.00
  • Total: $3.00

Local Chain #1 (first trip):

  • Pasta (4 lb.), Peanuts (1 lb.), Chocolate syrup (24 oz.), Animal crackers (10 oz.), Hot sauce (6 oz.), Salad dressing (16 oz.), Pretzels (12 oz.), Tortilla chips (40 oz.), $11.96 after coupons
  • Bananas (1.97 lb.), Apples (3.87 lb.), Carrots (2 lb.), Celery (1), Oranges (3.17 lb.), Potatoes (8 lb.), Green beans (1 lb.), Peas & carrots (2 lb.), Peas (2 lb.), Corn (1 lb.), $19.45 after Checkout 51 rebate
  • Total: $31.41

Local Chain #1 (second trip):

  • Gluten free bread (14.3 oz.), $3.88 after coupon
  • Total: $3.88

Local Chain #2 (first trip):

  • Ground beef (5.58 lb.), Mushrooms (1 lb.), Eggs (3 doz.), $16.09
  • Total: $16.09

Local Chain #2 (second trip):

  • Onions (2 lb.), Garlic (2.5 oz.), Lettuce (2), $4.36
  • Total: $4.36


  • Toilet paper (27 double rolls), Toothpaste (12 oz.), Deodorant (4.5 oz.), $18.46 after tax & Ibotta rebate
  • Total: $18.46 plus we earned $7.00 Extrabucks to use on our next shopping trip

Grand Total: $109.28

We spent quite a bit for the first week in April.  We were out of a lot of stuff, though.  And we stocked up.  The $290.72 should be fine for the rest of the month.


Toast, Homemade Granola, muffins, pancakes, fruits


Sandwiches, rice & beans, deviled eggs & biscuits, burritos, fruits & veggies


Tuna noodle casserole, peas, lettuce salad

Homemade Mac & Cheese, peas & carrots, lettuce salad

Fish sandwiches on Homemade Buns, corn, lettuce salad

Cheese quesadillas, carrots, lettuce salad

Mushroom & cheese burgers on Homemade Buns, Oven Fries, lettuce salad

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches on Homemade Bread, green beans, lettuce salad

Supper at church (x1)

What are you eating at your house this week?  Let me know in an email or comment below!