$400 Budget Update – 5/12

Our schedule is all wonky this week.  As a result, my typical shopping adventures have been delayed or forgone.  We made a trip to Natural Grocers in preparation for Mother’s Day.  After patiently spending way more time looking at allergen-free baking mixes than should be necessary, Todd made some really yummy brownies for me.  I finally finished the last of them today.

My other trips to the store were rushed and oddly-timed.  Thankfully, our pantry is pretty well stocked and I did not have to expend a great deal of effort purchasing food.  I need to get to Costco sometime soon, hopefully I will make it there this weekend.

If you are new to my budgeting posts, you can read the original story here.  This week I shopped at Natural Grocers and two local chains.  At the end of this post, I wrote out our weekly menu plan.

Natural Grocers:


  • Gluten free bread (14.1 oz.), Gluten free brownie mix (1 lb.), Gluten free pasta (8 oz.), Chocolate bar (3.1 oz.), Herbal tea (20 ct.), Coconut whipped topping (8 oz.), $14.17 after coupons
  • Lip balm (0.15 oz.), $2.13 after tax
  • Total: $16.30

Local chain #1:


  • Baby carrots (2 lb.), Pineapple (1), Eggs (3 doz.), Yogurt (5.3 oz.), $7.20
  • Total: $7.20

Local chain #2:


  • Rice cakes (4.9 oz.), Diced tomatoes (29 oz.), Lentils (1 lb.), Juice boxes (60 oz.), BBQ sauce (18 oz.), Gluten free pasta (2 lb.), $12.70 after coupons
  • Ground chicken (4 lb.), $3.00 after coupons
  • Apples (6 lb.), Romaine lettuce (2), Oranges (4 lb.), Potatoes (16 lb.), Stir fry veggies (1 lb.), $20.64
  • Cottage cheese (44 oz.), Whole milk (1 gal.), Almond milk (1 gal.), $12.69 after coupons
  • Total: $49.03

Grand Total: $72.53

May Budget Remaining: $270.52

Within a few days, I am planning to pre-purchase my groceries for delivery in Florida.  Who knew that was a real thing?  I will be using Garden Grocer.  They will deliver all of my items directly to our Disney resort.  That will tie up a fair amount of cash, but we will still have plenty left over to get through the rest of the month.


Muffins, eggs, toast, oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, fruit


Sandwiches, rice & beans, cheese & crackers, fruits & veggies


Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, breadsticks, lettuce salad

Bratwurst on Homemade Buns, corn, lettuce salad

Tex-Mex lasagna w/lentils, lettuce salad

Chicken stir fry over rice, lettuce salad

Spaghetti, lettuce salad

Vegetable beef soup, crackers, lettuce salad

BBQ chicken pizza on Homemade Crust, lettuce salad

How is your grocery budget working out this month?  Email me or comment below!