$400 Budget Update – 5/25

It has been quite the whirlwind around here this week.  We had lots of lasts.  My last day as Sunday school superintendent at our church.  Our daughter’s last middle school band concert.  That same daughter’s last day of Sunday school ever.  And our last recital at the dance studio we have called home for nine years.

There were some emotions this week.  Even the sad ones were good.  In the midst of the lasts and the emotions, we had grandparents at our home for several nights.  That was fun.  And in just a week and a half, summer vacation begins.  Hooray!

This week I spent minimal time in the store.  I used virtually all of our budget for the month.  Oops…  Hopefully there will be enough left for the essentials next week until the calendar page flips.  I went to CVS and two local chains.  I also picked up our hot dog order from Zaycon.  I am splitting the charge for that between May, June, and July.

If you are new to my weekly budgeting posts, you can catch the original story here.  As always, our weekly menu is listed below.


I did not get a picture.

  • Hot dogs (10 lbs.), $9.97
  • Total: $9.97

Local Chain #1:

  • Salsa (32 oz.), Graham crackers (14.4 oz.), Chocolate bars (12.8 oz.), Marshmallows (10 oz.), Bread (24 oz.), Tomato soup (10.75 oz.), Chips (9.75 oz.), Spaghetti sauce (24 oz.), Pie filling (20 oz.), Pasta (1 lb.), Brownie mix (18 oz.), Baked beans (28 oz.), Granola bars (10.5 oz.), Gluten free bread (34 oz.), Bear cookies (12 oz.), $28.76 after coupons and tax
  • Bratwurst (14 oz.), Turkey (16 oz.), Ground beef (6 lb.), Eggs (1.5 doz.), Butter (1 lb.), Milk (1 gal.), Cheese slices (10.67 oz.), Almond milk (0.5 gal.), $29.75 after coupon
  • Carrots (2 lb.), Oranges (2.22 lb.), Celery (1), Lettuce (2), Potatoes (8 lb.), Watermelon (1), Cabbage (2.58 lb.), Peas (1 lb.), Peas & carrots (1 lb.), $17.16
  • Total: $75.67


  • Toothpaste (4.2 oz.), Chips (20 oz.), Paper towel (113.4 sq. ft.), $0.34 after coupons and tax
  • Total: $0.34

Local Chain #2:

  • Onions (2 lb.), Apples (2.98 lb.), Carrots (2 lb.), $6.54
  • Total: $6.54

Grand Total: $92.52

Total for May: $389.37

I will have $10.63 to spend on milk and whatnot next week.  It is not much, and I will probably go over.  Oh well.  Such is life.


Muffins, toast, Homemade Granola, pancakes, fruit


Sandwiches, rice & beans, eggs & crackers, burritos, fruits & veggies


Pork fried rice, lettuce salad

Homemade Mac & Cheese, peas, lettuce salad

Hamburgers on Homemade Buns, Oven Fries, watermelon

Spaghetti, lettuce salad

Chicken gravy over rice, lettuce salad, peas & carrots

Hot dogs, chips, baked beans

Fried sausage with veggies, Homemade Bread, coleslaw

What is on the menu at your house this week?  Let me know in an email or comment below!