$400 Budget Update – 6/16

It was a light shopping week for our family–woot, woot!  After a couple weeks of pretty heavy shopping, I was ready to be done wandering through endless stores and shopping aisles.

I found a surprise food bargain this weekend at Menard’s, of all places.  Todd was paying attention when an announcement about sale-priced bratwurst came over the P.A.  We left the store with four pounds.

Aside from that, I only made one quick trip to a local chain this week.  If you are new to my weekly budget updates, you can read the original story here.  As always, you can read our weekly menu plan at the end of the post.


I forgot to take a picture.  Sorry!

  • Bratwurst (4 lb.), $7.96
  • Total: $7.96

Local chain:


  • Bread (24 oz.), Water flavoring (1.1 oz.), Gluten-free spaghetti (12 oz.), Pasta sauce (24 oz.), Apple juice (64 oz.), $6.31 after coupons
  • Carrots (1 lb.), Cucumbers (3), Grapes (2.35 lb.), Potatoes (5 lb.), Lettuce (1), Stir-fry veggies (1 lb.), Corn (1 lb.), $12.46
    after coupon and Checkout 51 rebate
  • Whole milk (0.5 gal.), Cheese (8 oz.), Almond milk (1 gal.), Soynuts (1.39 lb.), Almonds (1.53 lb.), Sunflower seeds (1.93 lb.), $30.38 after coupon
  • Total: $49.15

Grand Total: $57.11

June Budget Remaining: $253.39

As you will see below, we are eating out a couple times this week.  Certainly that is good for our grocery budget, but it means that the money is drained from a different category.  Eating out is far from free…

As a reminder, I plan to zero out whatever overage I have in our grocery budget at the end of the summer and apply it to our travel budget instead.  So while it looks like we have a whole bunch of cash to get us through two more weeks of grocery shopping, the truth is I will be trying to stretch this remaining money as much as possible.  Last month I had roughly $90.00 left in the account, I would like to save at least that much in June.


Homemade Granola, toast, eggs, granola bars, nuts, fruit, cereal


Burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches, snack-style lunch, fruits & veggies


Chicken stir fry w/rice, lettuce salad

Hamburgers on Homemade Buns, French fries, lettuce salad

Spaghetti, corn

Sandwiches, carrots, raisins

Leftovers (x1)

Eat out (x2)

How do you keep your grocery budget from spiraling out of control?  Let me know in and email or comment below!