$400 Budget Update – 6/9

I did not spend much time at the grocery store this week.  Thank goodness!  Enough time was spent shopping last week.  I am coming to the end of a nearly forty-eight hour stretch of not leaving our home or yard.  It has been absolutely glorious.

Alas, I must venture out into the big, brave world again tonight.  Kids need to be run to activities and we have a family event at our dance school.  This week, I shopped at Natural Grocers, Dollar Tree, and one local chain.  If you are new to my budget posts, you can read the original story here.  As always, our weekly menu is listed below.

Natural Grocers:


  • Gluten free bread (16 oz.), $3.89
  • Total: $3.89

Local Chain:


  • Tortillas (3 lb.), Mayo (30 oz.), Gluten free pasta (12 oz.), Tortilla chips (13 oz.), Macaroni & cheese (6 oz.), $8.27 after coupons
  • Apples/oranges (5 lb.), Bananas (1.43 lb.), Carrots (2 lb.), Grapes (1.81 lb.), Lettuce (2), $15.88
  • Cottage cheese (22 oz.), Milk (2 gal.), Yogurt (32 oz.), Almond milk (1 gal.), $18.20
  • Total: $42.35

Dollar Tree:


  • Garlic powder (4.25 oz.), Steak seasoning (7 oz.), Cajun seasoning (7 oz.), $3.00
  • Total: $3.00

Grand Total: $49.24

Amount remaining for June: $310.50

It looks pretty good, does it not?  Looks can be deceiving.  We have a separate budget category strictly devoted to trips and vacations.  Many items I have purchased in the last few weeks are for the Florida trip, so they are not showing up on the blog.  I am not cheating in the accounting, as we really are not consuming a lot of items right now.

In spite of that, though, the $400 budget will eventually have to compensate for some of the trip expenditures.  Leftover food items, replenished make up and sunscreen supplies, and new water bottles will be used by our family even after we return.  As such, it is my intention to “wipe out” any overage later this summer to account for that.


Toast, eggs, pancakes, burritos, cinnamon rolls, fruit


Rice & beans, sandwiches, Italian dunkers, cheese & crackers, quesadillas, Homemade Mac & Cheese, fruits & veggies


Cheese pizza, lettuce salad

Chicken pasta salad w/peas, lettuce salad

Bratwurst on Homemade Buns, mashed potatoes, lettuce salad

Beefy rice, mixed veggies, lettuce salad

Chili mac, lettuce salad

Leftovers (x1)

Dinner with Family (x1)

What are your favorite ways to save money at the grocery store?  Email me or comment below!