$400 Budget Update – 7/21

This week was much quieter at home.  No one came down with any dreadful diseases, and the little patient that was sick last week?  She is feeling much better.

While we try to avoid antibiotics as much as possible, this was one situation where we are very grateful for them.  Our little girl is back to her spunky little self, the rash is pretty much gone, and she earned herself a place in 2016 disease statistics for two different states (since she crossed state lines with Lyme’s Disease).  Thank goodness for modern medicine.

We had a few odds and ends on the schedule this week commitment-wise, but nothing too intense.  I kept the menu simple anyway, so grocery shopping was done in a snap.

If you are new to my weekly budget posts, you can catch the original story here.  This week, I shopped at Dollar Tree and one local chain.  As always, our weekly menu is written at the end of today’s post.

Dollar Tree:


  • Pretzels (9.5 oz.), Black beans (2 lb.), Pinto beans (2 lb.), Tortillas (2 lb.), $5.75 after Ibotta rebate
  • Total: $5.75

Local Chain:


  • Diced tomatoes (15.75 lb.), Tomato sauce (58 oz.), Gatorade (32 oz.), Lemonade (64 oz.), Gluten free bread (18 oz.), $15.49 after coupons
  • Bratwurst (14 oz.), Cottage cheese (44 oz.), Whole milk (1 gal.), Shredded cheese (2 lb.), Almond milk (0.5 gal.), $20.23
  • Cantaloupe (1), Strawberries (2 lb.), Cucumbers (3), Potatoes (5 lb.), Honeydew melon (1), Lettuce (2), Blueberries (1 pt.), $17.23 after Checkout 51 rebate
  • Total: $52.95

Grand Total: $58.70

Total Remaining for July: $111.36

Next week I will take whatever remainder we have from the $400 budget and zero it out again.  I am doing that to help recoup some of the cost from going to Disney last month.  Unless there are ridiculous sales next week at our local chains, we should have quite a bit left after I am done shopping for July.


Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal, toast, yogurt, pancakes, bacon, fruit


Sandwiches, burritos, noodles with beans, Italian dunkers, Homemade Mac & Cheese, leftovers, potluck (x1)


Chicken salad sandwiches, lettuce salad, melon

Rice & beans, lettuce salad

Hamburgers on Homemade Buns, French fries, lettuce salad

Chicken gravy over rice, lettuce salad, cucumbers

Bratwurst, mashed potatoes, peas

Tacos, corn

Leftovers (x1)

What is your favorite food to eat in the summer?  Send me an email or comment below!