$400 Budget Update – 8/11

We had a lighter week of shopping.  The budget rebounded nicely from my excessive spending last week.  This was helped, in large part, by a VERY frugal trip I made to CVS on Sunday.

The cashier actually accused of being an extreme couponer when she checked me out at the register.  While this is not at all true, every once in a while I can score extremely good deals at CVS with the judicious use of sales and coupons.  Because of the way CVS has their coupon system organized, it is hard for me to say what specific prices I paid for individual items.  Instead, I will provide my final total for that store and the average price per item.

If you are new to my budgeting posts, you can read the original story here.  This week, I shopped at Swanson Vitamins, CVS, and one local chain.  At the end of today’s post, our weekly menu plan is written out.



  • Facial tissues (170 ct.), Graham crackers (14.4 oz.), Lipstick (2), Aluminum foil (130 ft.), Candy bar (1.86 oz.), Cereal (12 oz.), Gummy bears (4 oz.), Deodorant (4.5 oz.), Razor (1), Razor refills (4 ct.), $3.64 after tax, coupons, Ibotta rebates, and Checkout 51 rebates
  • Total: $3.64 (Price per item: $0.26), plus I earned $3.00 in Extra Bucks that I can use on my next shopping trip

Swanson Vitamins


  • Witch hazel (12 oz.), $11.59
  • Total: $11.59

Local Chain


  • Salsa (32 oz.), Pasta (2 lb.), Pasta sauce (47.5 oz.), Juice boxes (60 oz.), Tortillas (2 lb.), Bear cookies (20 oz.), Cajun spice (3.18 oz.), $16.61 after coupons
  • Chicken (5 lb.), Almond milk (0.5 gal.), Cheese (2 lb.), Whole milk (1 gal.), $17.63
  • Apples (2.92 lb.), Carrots (2 lb.), Grapes (4.04 lb.), Potatoes (5 lb.), Lettuce (2), Watermelon (3), Corn (1 lb.), $27.33 after coupon and Checkout 51 rebate
  • Total: $61.57

Grand Total: $76.80

Total for August: $223.64

We still have $176.36 left for the month of August.  It is not a stellar amount in the budget, but we can make it work.


Toast, yogurt, Homemade Granola, muffins, eggs, cereal, fruit


Burritos, sandwiches, Italian dunkers, noodles w/ beans, fruit & veggies


Bratwurst on Homemade Buns, mashed potatoes, lettuce salad

Calico beans, biscuits, melon, lettuce salad

Chicken salad sandwiches, lettuce salad, French fries

Cheese quesadillas, corn, lettuce salad

Sandwiches on Homemade Bread, carrots, raisins

Spaghetti, mixed veggies

Dinner with family (x1)

What are your favorite ways to save money on groceries?  Let me know in an email or comment below!