5 Things: Todd and Melissa

We function better when we are organized.

We like lists. And calendars. And home organization units. We use them a lot. If we didn’t, our memories would fail us and we would constantly miss appointments and fail to complete tasks. Every morning we take a quick walk through the house, making sure everything is put away as it should be. As long as we keep up with it, the clutter beast does not get out of control. These rituals are important for our sanity. Oftentimes, we repurpose a little creatively to meet an organizational need. You can expect to see blog posts from time to time that show how we’ve made old junk into something new and useful.

Outdoor toys in the garage


We love to find a good deal.

While we’ve regularly been called cheap by some of our family members, we prefer the term frugal. If you’ve read our “About Me” page, then you know we choose to live beneath our means. As a result, we’ve spent a fair amount of time perusing thrift stores, clipping coupons, reading library books on how to save money, completing DIY projects, and learning to cook from scratch. Not only do we enjoy saving money, but we genuinely like most of the activities that go into making that happen. Frugality can almost be a game for us. We plan to share some of our techniques here on the blog.


We were high school sweethearts

We grew up in a small town and met as preschoolers. We began dating in high school, and neither of us has ever really been in another relationship. Our road together has not been an easy one. It has been filled with sickness, health, financial ups and downs, good times, and bad times. Our marriage is stronger for all that we have gone through together, and we love each other more now than ever before. We are best friends and one another’s cheerleader, confidant, and comedian. We are grateful to have been given this life together. Our very unique, yet compatible, personalities will become very apparent throughout the blog posts each of us shares with you.

High school memories


We have three wonderful daughters, and their well-being is one of our greatest priorities.

We really enjoy being parents. Some days and some experiences are harder than others, but this ride called parenthood has been an overwhelmingly positive one. We take safety, nutrition, bedtime, and education pretty seriously. Our kids were the ones wearing bicycle helmets when they rode their tricycles down the hallway of our apartment building, but they have enough scraped knees to prove that they are actually allowed to play hard.

girls bikes
Owning the halls

Organic food doesn’t make an appearance in our home very often, but neither does soda (unless it’s on a REALLY good sale 🙂 ). We make exceptions to the established bedtime based on schedules and special circumstances, but on most nights, all kids have lights out by nine. While each of our girls takes at least one class from the local public school, they are for the most part homeschooled. It’s a lifestyle that works best for us. We put a great deal of thought into creating a home and family that allows our daughters to grow and thrive so that they can become the women that God has created them to be. We make mistakes—a lot of them. But we do our best, and we hope to encourage you as you do the same.


We are a Christian family.

While the purpose of our blog is not to preach, it will not be a secret here that we are a Christian family. It is going to come up in our posts. Melissa is very involved in the children’s ministry at our church. We attend weekly services. Todd runs a men’s Bible study. All three kids attend and participate in Christian youth activities. It’s who we are, and we won’t apologize for it. Our hope, though, is that whether or not you share our faith, you’ll stick around and keep reading. We have some good stuff to share with our little corner of the world, and we’d love to have you here with us.