A Birthday Quiz

I am celebrating my birthday this week.  In tribute to that day, I am reviewing goals.  Today, I will share goals I made thirty years ago and progress made toward them so far.

1. I planned on being a professional baseball player.
It turns out that I run slower than molasses, and that doesn’t work well in baseball. If I had played professional ball, I would probably already be retired. I guess either way I would still not currently be playing baseball.

2. I wanted to be a world famous musician.
This was an uphill battle from the beginning. I can’t sing. Perhaps choosing the tuba as my instrument of choice was not a good start either. The world tuba tour never seemed to catch on. Maybe my newfound participation in the handbell choir will finally accomplish this dream.

3. I was going to marry a beautiful woman and have two kids. Be the average family.
Yes! I overachieved on both points. Three kids, definitely not average.  Who really wants to be normal anyway?

4. There was going to be a Ferrari Testarosa in my garage.
A Chevy Malibu is almost the same thing. Right? At least I can spell that. Besides the kids’ car seats wouldn’t really fit in a Ferrari.

5. I was not going to go to school any longer than absolutely required.
That pretty much went out the window with college. And graduate school. And then decision to homeschool our kids. (Kids, stay in school.)


6. I wanted to grow up and be as cool as my dad was. And an awesome role model like he and my grandfather.
Not sure if I am there, but I am sure trying. I am guessing my kids would disagree on the cool part though.

7. Being a comedian was going to be my side gig.
Timing is everything, and I never had it. Hey mom, what’s the difference between beer nuts and…

8. I planned on not doing anything that had to do with writing.

magic pencilPicture2

9. I was pretty sure that the world would be missing out if it was unaware of how awesome I was.
My wife says she thinks I’m cool, so what else matters?

10. My permanent residence would be in a tropical locale.
It turns out I don’t really like hot weather. While I may not live in the tropics, I consider not having to shovel snow before my birthday a small victory.

Looks like I had big plans when I was younger. I was a very ambitious child. While I may not have completed all the goals of my youth, I could not ask for anything more than I have been blessed with.