A Chip Off the Ol’ Block

Yesterday, our oldest daughter came to us and announced, out of the blue, that she had organized our family’s DVD collection. Not by title or genre, but by production company. She informed us that Disney movies filled one shelf, and 20th Century Fox filled most of another. The remaining movies produced by companies such as Pixar and Warner Brothers were fit into a different space.

Like father, like daughter. When Melissa and I were first married, we had lots of free time and absolutely no money. I organized our CD collection for fun. Usually it was by band or artist, but sometimes I would get more specific and break it into genre as well. I had to organize our CDs instead of DVDs, because organizing our four DVDs did not take very long.

Tonight, our youngest two girls were playing outside while Melissa and I worked on some fall projects. Leaving those two to their own devices is often very entertaining, and sometimes dangerous. Tonight however, they decided to remain safe. They gathered sticks to build a fire (a pretend one…I did say they were safe) and frogs (leaves).

Before long, they had constructed a “roasting spit” using two forked sticks and another running between them. They were cooking frogs (leaves) on their creation. Unfortunately, darkness set in before we had a chance to enjoy the savory food they were preparing… I probably did something very similar when I was a kid, although I would have used the sticks as guns to hunt the frogs. They simply used a bucket and their hands.

Roasted frog anyone?
Roasted frog anyone?

It is funny what things pass from one generation to the next. Be it physical characteristics or personality traits, genetics is a funny thing. There are times when I catch a glimpse of someone going down the hallway in our house and I have to do a double take to see who it was. Our oldest daughter looks so much like Melissa that a fleeting glance is sometimes not enough to tell them apart. While she looks like Melissa, she has more or my personality. Especially my sense of humor.

Our middle daughter also looks a lot like Melissa, but she shares a few facial characteristics with me. She also has my broad shoulder shape, which looked very out of proportion on her when she was younger. She is finally starting to grow into her shoulders as she becomes a young woman. Her personality is more like Melissa, but her grin just screams my name. She also has my temperament, but Melissa’s passion.

family reflections
Are my children a reflection of me?

Our youngest daughter has many facial features of both of her birth parents. Her personality shows signs that she takes after both them and us, but she is still young enough that it is hard to know. Only time will tell who she will take after most. One thing is evident already, though. She has a lively imagination and a fascinating sense of humor. She keeps us on our toes and laughing all at the same time. The other night at the park, she was playing a game that required a password to cross the “bridge.” When it was her turn to come up with the password, she gave the hint, “It starts with a birthday party.” Her secret word? Ice cream!

All of our children are so unique and different, yet they each share many things with their parents. It is a true miracle and mystery how genetics work.

How about you? I want to hear some of the fun ways you have seen yourself come out in your kids. Comment below or send me an email.