A Family Trip to Washington, D.C., Part 1: The Introduction

Many of you may know that our family took a trip to Washington D.C. this past spring. Nobody knows all the details and behind the scenes information that went into this wonderful trip, though. It was a big decision for us when we decided to take our family across the country on a two week road trip at all. It turned out that was the first of many big decisions.

We treasure the family memories created on our vacations. We wanted our trip to D.C. to be no exception. Careful planning was crucial in order to fully enjoy all that our nation’s capital has to offer. Before we could take in the city, we needed to determine what things were important to our family and how much time we needed. We also had to keep our pesky family budget in mind.

White House

Both Melissa and I are planners. If you were not already aware of that, you will learn it if you follow this series of posts through to the end. Over the coming weeks we will delve into the details of our trip. We will discuss the methods we used to determine the time of year we chose for our trip, as well as our timeline and the family’s desired must-see attractions.

We will go through some of the reasons we chose to drive the 3000+ mile round trip instead of flying. You will learn about the many fun things we saw and did along the way. We will show you how we managed to keep the kids entertained in the vehicle for the entire trip without screens (electronic devices) used in the car. We will also share some well-tested tricks that kept our motion sickness prone family members from getting ill, even while driving through the Appalachians in freezing rain.

washington monument dc with kids

We will give out loads of advice we learned about D.C. while researching for our trip: where the free lockers are to store your brown bag lunches, what are the best times and days to visit various attractions, and tips for organizing your days so little legs do not get too tired. We will share our family favorites from the trip as well.

In case that doesn’t seem adequate, we will also discuss the clever ways we found to save money on food and what the best hotel chains are for a family of five. We will also cover some of the creative ways we incorporated homeschooling into our trip. It was not nearly as easy as you would expect in a city filled with history and government.

And if that is not enough to make you feel like you stowed away in our suitcase and came along for the ride, then please follow our series through to the end. By then, the only thing missing from the trip will be your face in all the pictures we took.

We hope you enjoy the road trip along with us.