A Family Trip to Washington, D.C, Part 23: Wrap-up

In case you missed the first few posts in this series, we are chronicling our family trip to Washington D.C.  The first post in the series is here.  You can find the rest under the travel menu on our main page.  

Over the past few months, Melissa and I have covered the highlights of our family vacation to Washington, D.C..  We shared with you the memories we created as a family.  We also detailed some of our favorite parts of the trip.  It has been a little over a year since we returned from this trip and the memories are still strong.  Nearly all of our posts were written from memory with a little assistance from the photographs we took.  Thankfully our kids take after their grandmother so we have an abundance of pictures.  Most of them are of animals, though.

Since more than a year has past, we may have missed some details or forgotten to include something.  A few things were also left out so as not to bore you, the readers.  As I am sure you know, many family memories take far longer to explain than others think it is worth.  If there are items you would like us to cover more leave a comment or send an email.  We are more than willing to share.

The biggest take-away for Melissa and I from this trip is that spending two weeks in a car with our kids was a wonderful experience.  And we would not trade it for the world.  By traveling the way we did, we were able to truly enjoy the family time we had.  Many thought we were crazy for attempting it.  We may be, but we enjoyed our crazy selves all the while.

As we wrap up our stories about our trip to D.C., we want to thank you for following along.  We hope you have enjoyed it.  Maybe you have even been inspired to take a trip of your own.  Remember that the time with family is limited, and it is worth the effort to make lasting memories when you can.  (Even if others think you are strange)

nutty family


So what is the next destination for Team Made Family?  Disneyworld!  That’s right, the happiest place on earth.  Full of screaming children and exhausted parents!  The five of us will be traveling to Florida this summer for some fun in the sun.  Keep your eyes on the blog as we gear of for the trip.  We will start sharing about this journey sometime in June.

We have been there a couple times in the past, and each time we have traveled a little different.  Well, maybe a lot different.  Part of our Florida experience blogging plan is to discuss the various ways we have traveled.  We will list some plusses and minuses of each.  We will also cover some of the ways we have found to save money on a Disney vacation, just like we did for Washington, D.C.. We will also cover the highlights of the things we saw and did.  Mostly from the kids perspective I assume.

We hope you enjoyed our D.C. writings enough to stick around and see what we have to say about Mickey and Minnie.


If there are specific things would like us to address in regards to Disneyworld, let us know.  We will do our best to include those items in our posts.