The Gruffalo

Story by Julia Donaldson, Illustrations by Axel Scheffler

This book follows a mouse on his journey throughout the woods. He runs into some animals along the way that would like to eat him as a meal. He decides to invent a creature that he is on his way to meet for lunch, that will hopefully scare away the predators. Each time he talks to a predator, he adds another scary detail to the creature. Then he runs into that terrible creature that he was describing. What will happen to mouse?

I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I give it four stars because it definitely is a book that you want to keep reading, because of the realistic illustrations, but I personally don’t like books that rhyme at the end of sentences, and it rhymes at the end of sentences. All in all though, it is a good read that you won’t want to put down!