About Us

Hello and welcome to the Team Made Family blog! We are excited to have you here!

Our family consists of five members: Todd, Melissa, Abbie, Natalie, and Jocelyn. We consider ourselves a fairly typical middle-class, American family. Days are filled with work, school, and household tasks. Evenings are spent playing games, chasing kids to and from activities, and walking together to the park. Weekends are devoted to church, projects, repairs, and fun!

While we look and act like most of our neighbors, the truth is there is something different about us. Almost ten years ago, we made the decision to have Melissa leave her professional career and stay home with the kids. Five years later, we chose to drastically slash our spending and live on less than two-thirds of Todd’s income.

Why in the world would we do that? For starters, we wanted to significantly reduce our debt and instead refocus our money toward saving for the future. Second, we felt plagued by the massive amounts of “stuff” we had accumulated in the first several years of our marriage and wanted to devote more to experiences and our children. Finally, we knew it was time that we shared more generously of our time, talents, and income with our community.

In order to successfully live, and even thrive in, our lifestyle, we absolutely must work together as a team. Everyone contributes. Our family is constantly making and creating new methods and tricks to get through our week that are frugal, healthy, efficient, and most importantly, real.

If you are looking for advice, encouragement, and the occasional confession of an experiment gone wrong, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will learn how we’ve made our house a home and a family of five very unique individuals into a team. Welcome to Team Made Family.