Fix-It-Fred: A kid’s bed

For quite a while Melissa and I have been discussing moving our large Barbie house into our youngest daughter’s bedroom. The Barbie house has been a family favorite for two generations and many children. My dad made if for my sister. Many of her kids used it. Then it landed at our house for our girls to enjoy. … Read more

Fix-it Fred: Dog Transport

Several months ago, our family endured a long, exhausting car trip home from Christmas with our families.  Hopefully you have all stopped laughing at our expense over that trip.  For anyone who is not familiar with that story or needs a refresher on how wonderful dogs in cars can be, the post can be read … Read more

Fix-It Fred: Storing Paint

Welcome to another installment of Fix-It Fred where there is nothing broken. (Don’t let the rest of the family know, but they have been pretty easy on the house lately.)  There have been a few small tasks to tackle, but nothing significant. I have also spent some time putting the finishing touches on other projects around the house. While I … Read more

Storybook Rock Project

Have you ever read the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?” This project went just like that. A simple request from Melissa for me to move a few sedum plants from the side to the back of the house turned into a summer long project. It was more than my “project ADHD” that … Read more