$400 Budget Update – 6/15

It is our last week of relative calm before the summer activities begin.  Saxophone lessons started yesterday, and the kids have been to the pool a couple times.  But next week begins rounds of dance lessons, camp, youth group trips, and swimming lessons that will come and go until mid August. I have really enjoyed … Read more

$400 Budget Update – 6/2

So we finished school this week.  Today, actually.  It is a day I have been looking forward to for a very. long. time.  It feels good to be done.  I am so ready for summer vacation. Camping trips.  Sending the kids to grandma and grandpa’s house for a week.  Tackling neglected home and garden projects.  … Read more

$400 Budget Update – 5/25

It has been quite the whirlwind around here this week.  We had lots of lasts.  My last day as Sunday school superintendent at our church.  Our daughter’s last middle school band concert.  That same daughter’s last day of Sunday school ever.  And our last recital at the dance studio we have called home for nine … Read more

$400 Budget Update – 5/11

Spring has finally arrived in the Northern Plains!  Hooray for blooming apple trees, green grass, and no more coats!  I passed another CLEP exam this week.  Two down, four to go.  The kids finish up dance, school, and music activities in three weeks.  The end is in sight.  Summer (and camping trips!) will be here … Read more

$400 Budget Update – 4/20

Easter weekend was a whirlwind for our family.  We traveled back to northern Minnesota and spent time with family.  Todd helped both of our dads with projects.  The girls enjoyed time with their grandparents.  I shopped at Aldi.  Because of course. Once we were home, our break from school was over and it was time … Read more

$400 Budget Update – 3/9

This week I spent more time studying for CLEP exams than just about anything else.  I took my first exam of six on Monday–and passed.  Yay!  Now I am working my way through materials for exam number two.  As a result, grocery shopping is a fast and simple process around here right now. Sometimes, this … Read more

$400 Budget Update – 3/2

March has begun, and we just barely squeaked in under budget this February.  Since spring is slowly making an appearance, we should see some produce sales that will help things a bit.  I hope so, at least. This week I shopped at three stores: Walmart and two local chains.  In addition, my order of forty … Read more