Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day.  Usually, the day devoted to celebrating dads is fairly subdued for our family.  My dad lives several hours away from here.  Todd’s dad does, too.  I am actually not even certain that we have seen either one of them on Father’s Day since our marriage fifteen years ago. We call them … Read more

Happy Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. The one day a year that is set aside to fawn over mothers and their tremendous contributions to the world. The rest of the year we should be doing this as well. Unfortunately, we let busy life get in the way. We take their sacrifices for granted because “that is what … Read more

A Birthday Quiz

I am celebrating my birthday this week.  In tribute to that day, I am reviewing goals.  Today, I will share goals I made thirty years ago and progress made toward them so far. 1. I planned on being a professional baseball player. It turns out that I run slower than molasses, and that doesn’t work … Read more