Disney on a Budget, Part 9: Magic Kingdom, Day 2

Last week I shared about our first day spent in Magic Kingdom. Today I will discuss our second day in the big park.


We spent almost the entire second day in the Fantasyland section of the park. We had a few items on our list for the second day that we Fast Passed a day in advance to make sure they would happen. One of them was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster. The other was the new Little Mermaid ride, Under the Sea. In order to make our time slot for the Ariel ride we needed to make good progress through the park, but we did no need to rush. We stopped and looked in several stores. I would say shopped again, but nobody bought anything. We also saw that Merida from the movie Brave was going to be out for a character meet and greet later that day. We added that to our list of things to do as well.

We made it to Fantasyland shortly after our Fast Pass time period had started. Our timing was nearly perfect. We stood in line for a few minutes. Then we found ourselves sitting a couple slow moving shells for the ride. The ride is very well done. It is a combination of animatronics, digital media, bright colors, and wonderful lighting. It tells a condensed version of the Little Mermaid. There was even a creepy looking (and sounding) Ursula. Of course the ride ends like the movie and Eric and Ariel fall in love. A Disney ending at it greatest.


One princess activity is never enough for the Team Made Family. So after the Ariel ride it was off to get some autographs and pictures. We stood in line to see Tiana (Princess and the Frog) and Rapunzel (Tangled). After some hugs, smiles, and pictures we hurried off to see if we had time to sneak in a visit with Merida (Brave). Merida was one of the very few princesses we had not seen before. Lucky for us, we were able to get into the line and meet her before it was time for her to go defeat some more bears. Or whatever she does between signings. Merida was stationed in the area where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were during our last visit to Florida. Disney did a nice job of designing the area the first time so all it took was a few new decorations to make it look like it was straight from the Brave movie.


Our family had finally reach a satisfied level of princess mania. Thankfully. Another fun fact?  The girls had officially met every. single. princess. from a major Disney movie.  That is something to get excited about.  Or maybe not.

Now it was time for some other fun. We went back to the far corner of Fantasyland to the younger kids’ area. The first stop was a quick run through the watery play area on this hot summer day. I had a small scare while we were there. I thought I lost our youngest daughter while running through the crowds of people under the water jets. Turns out she found the rest of the family. I was the one that was lost. Oops. At least I was refreshed and cooled off.

Once we were a family again we headed over to Goofy’s Barnstormer roller coaster. Our oldest daughter is was not a roller coaster fan. The thought of them makes her a little queasy. Standing in line for this ride was a real testament to her willingness to try something new. Finally it was time for the ride. I think she said a few prayers before she boarded. Then she closed her eyes and waited for the ride to begin. Turns out she really enjoys roller coasters. She enjoyed it so much that she, along with our youngest daughter, insisted that we ride it again. Melissa, who is responsible for our daughter’s dislike for roller coasters, did not agree with this request. But being the wonderful mother she is, agreed to go again. The second ride was just as enjoyable as the first for the kids. It was a perfect way to test out a roller coaster. The Barnstormer is gentle and short, but still fun.


As we left the ride we took a quick glance at the Disney app and saw that Stitch was on Main Street signing autographs. Our oldest daughter was ecstatic. So we made the trek across the park. While we stood in line waiting to hug the big blue alien we ate a snack in the shade of the surrounding buildings. A cool drink and some food passed the time well. It also kept the smallest mouths occupied so there were many fewer utterances of “how much longer?” After getting autographs and taking somewhere around 300 pictures we were told our time was up and we needed to keep moving. Thanks to the app we saw one of the family favorites!


We then needed to hurry back across the park in order to get to our other Fast Passed ride. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Boy was I glad we had that Fast Pass. The Stand-by line was long and slow. We walked right in and waited less than 5 minutes. I had been warned that the ride was fun but short. Heading into the ride with this in mind I was surprised at how long the ride was. The end was sudden and unexpected. But the ride seemed to be long enough. It was filled with many of the things you expect from a roller coaster. Hills. Corners. Dark tunnels. Slow climbs. Melissa clenching her eyes closed and praying it was over. And the three kids smiling and laughing. There were many requests to go on the ride again, but only the youngest was willing to stand in the two hour line to do it. Instead we all agreed to head over to Animal Kingdom and ride the Everest coaster. I wrote about our experience on that ride here.


The Dwarfs ride is near the back of Magic Kingdom. Instead of walking all the way across the park, again (thanks Stitch), we walked to the back of FantasyLand to catch the train. On the way there we stopped in the water play area again. I did not get lost this time! After a cool down in the water we settled into the train benches for a leisurely ride to the main gate of the park. Then it was a short walk to the bus stop. A few minutes later we arrived at Animal Kingdom to continue our day of family fun at Disneyworld.

Our second day at Magic Kingdom was shorter than the first. But it was every bit as enjoyable. Instead of watching the older girls make memories while dancing in the parade, we were making them as a family.

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