Fall is for Family

We have had two beautiful fall weekends in a row. Since the fall project list is always far too long for the season, what great timing. Right? Most years, yes. This year, no. In years past, I would have plowed through projects from daylight to dark all weekend so that I was ready and prepared for winter. This year, however, I decided not to waste all the nice fall days working on boring projects.

I could not ignore my entire list, though. A few projects needed completion before the snow began to fly. Painting a window and some trim or picking up the many summer toys lying about the yard are harder when buried under a cold, white blanket. Many of the items on my list can wait. I can always put on a warmer coat and prepare the lawn mower for storage when it gets colder. Nice fall days should be for time with family and friends outside, enjoying the weather one last time before everything freezes solid and all we see of our neighbors is their eyes and breath.

Beautiful fall weather in our yard

Over the last couple of weekends, I split my time between work and play. Two weekends ago, I completed a majority of the outdoor painting and finished a landscaping project. I also spent some time playing with our youngest daughter in the leaves. While I was painting, she was playing in a sand table at the base of my ladder. We were able to have a conversation (as much as you can with a six year old) while I was checking things off my to-do list. I also took a break to go to a football game with a friend. Spending a few hours tailgating and watching the game was a wonderful break from the hectic schedule we run in the fall.

This past weekend I needed to finish the exterior painting, and I wanted to get the leaves picked up in the yard. After watching the kids play in the leaves, I decided I would only clean the front yard. The leaves in the back would remain on the ground for play time. Since the trees are still full of leaves, there should be plenty for a while. If I need to rake leaves in a parka this year so we can enjoy the weather, so be it. The beauty (???) of yard work is that it will always be there.

Last weekend also brought a trip to a friend’s house so the kids could pick pumpkins for Halloween. The kids played in a tire swing and climbed trees while the adults visited. They also went on a ride through a “secret tunnel” that our youngest daughter enjoyed immensely. To top off the visit filled with laughter and fun, the men surprised their wives by showing up on a homemade tandem bicycle. I am not sure I have seen my wife laugh that hard in quite a while.

The youngest loves the tandem bike

I have plans for this upcoming weekend as well, if the weather cooperates. I am going to rake our entire backyard into a gigantic pile of leaves. Big enough so that even I will disappear in it when I jump. If you hear giggling coming from behind our house, it will be the kids (or me) enjoying fall weather as a family. Maybe, after I am too exhausted to jump in the leaves anymore, I will get a few more projects done too. If not, oh well. Life it too short to work all the time.

What do you like to do on these beautiful fall days? Post a comment or send an email and let me know.