Family Favorite Games

Our family loves to spend time together. When the weather is nice, we spend time outside. However, we seem to have many days where the weather does not cooperate. On those days, we often play games. Board games. Card games. We have tried more than I can count. And own dozens of them. Below is a list of our favorites.

Despicable Me Trouble

This is one of the all-time favorites of our youngest daughter. Her favorite part? Knocking out someone else and sending them back to the beginning. She also loves to make the Siren Bob noise. The rest of the family enjoys playing the game with her. We also like to knock her out and send her back to the start. It is a fun and updated version of the original classic.

Candy Land

All three our our girls have claimed this as a favorite at one point or another. Our game has been so well loved that we are on our second set. The first one was completely worn out. The game is simple and straightforward. Not only have the kids enjoyed it, it helped them learn their colors too. Any way to make learning more fun is always a good thing.

Hello Kitty Bingo

This is a more simplified version of a traditional bingo game. Rather than having a bunch of numbers, it uses five characters from the cartoon instead. A roll of the dice shows which column and character get covered. Easy enough for children of any age to learn. Since Melissa and I are not very familiar with Hello Kitty, we have made up our own names for the characters. That seems to make it more fun for some reason.


This classic card game has been a family favorite for generations. The cards have been slightly updated over the years. Otherwise, it is the same fun game Melissa and I played as kids. It is a simple and easy game to take with to hotels to play after the lights are out for the youngest kid. We have also altered the game a little at times to help our youngest daughter learn her numbers. Once again, fun and educational. What could be better?


I remember playing this game growing up. I insisted it was a game that we must own. It started out as a game that Melissa and I played while traveling after all the kids went to bed. It soon became a game the kids wanted to learn and play. Once they figured out the simple rules, they insisted on playing it in the evenings at home. Being able to count to twelve is the only skill required to play, so we have even been able to introduce it to our youngest daughter.

Phase 10

Melissa and I were introduced to this game by a roommate of mine in college. It is a card game that involves a little strategy, but not much. It consists of ten rounds with various requirements for each one. Once you learn the game it is easy to play. We have taught our oldest two daughters the game and they enjoy it immensely. We get frequent requests to play it in the evening after their younger sister is in bed.

Settlers of Catan

This is a grown-up board game that requires a fair amount of strategy. The object is to develop settlements by gathering raw materials as the game goes on. You complete against the other players to see who can complete their village first. I think the strategy portion is similar to chess in that you need to think several moves in advance to be successful. That’s where the fun comes in. Trying to disrupt everyone else’s plans adds to the enjoyment.

You’ve Been Sentenced

This game is a favorite of our older girls. It is a game of silly sentences. They are not required to be silly, they just end up that way. The game is easy to play. As long you understand the basics of sentence structure and grammar you are set. The more knowledge the better. Each person gets ten cards with words on them and has to make a grammatically correct sentence. The longer the sentence the more points it is worth. It doesn’t matter if the sentence makes any sense. It just needs proper grammar. That’s where the silly sentences come in.

Our family enjoys playing these and many other games. What are you favorite games? Share them with us!

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