Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day.  Usually, the day devoted to celebrating dads is fairly subdued for our family.  My dad lives several hours away from here.  Todd’s dad does, too.  I am actually not even certain that we have seen either one of them on Father’s Day since our marriage fifteen years ago.

We call them on Father’s Day.  We give them cards and gifts sometime in the summer when we see them.  But there is not exactly a lot of hoopla involved, especially on the actual day.  That does not mean that we lack appreciation for our dads, though.  Both of us have learned a great deal from the men who raised us and we know it.  We each share many characteristics with our fathers.  It is only becoming more obvious the older we get.


  • I have my dad’s hair color.  Well, we used to have the same hair color.  As more gray shows up on my head every day, I am noticing that they blend fairly well with my original brownish-blond hair.  Someday we will have the same color hair again.  And I will have saved a bundle avoiding hair dye during the transition.
  • I love history, the Beatles on LP, 1960s television, and fresh fried fish because of my father.  He introduced me to all of these things at a very young age.  And I am still captivated by the presence of any of them.
  • I am strong-willed and determined, just like my dad.  Sometimes, my stubborn streak gets me into trouble.  Other times it has proven to be a huge asset.  Either way, I inherited it from my father, and I appreciate it.



  • Todd and his dad are often behavioral clones.  It is fascinating.  They have an uncanny ability to work together on complicated, time-consuming projects start-to-finish without saying more than about two dozen words to each other the entire time.  I am fairly certain they can read each others minds.
  • Both Todd and his dad have an incredible love of and respect for nature.  Todd’s family owns a century-old structure affectionately referred to as “the shack.”  It is in a very remote, forested location.  There is no running water, no electricity lines, and spotty cell phone service.  Todd calls it “pretty much the most peaceful place on earth.”
  • My father-in-law loves things with engines, and so does Todd.  I firmly believe Todd’s career choice was largely influenced by their discussions during his childhood surrounding cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and construction equipment.



This year, quite by accident, we ended up at Disney World on Father’s Day.  This is odd for a couple of reasons.  First, it is a rather large Father’s Day adventure for a family that usually celebrates with cards, a small gift, and dad’s choice of dessert.  Second, Todd really dislikes Disney World.

While the girls and I love the noise, excitement, rides, and crowds, Todd could do without it (I refer back to the comment above about time in the woods).  So when I realized that we would be at Disney World over Father’s Day after we made our reservations, I felt kind of bad about it.  Father’s Day is supposed to be about the dad, and in this situation, the dad really had to sacrifice his own preferences for the sake of his family.

And that, folks, is one of many reasons why my husband is an amazing dad.  Because he sacrifices what he wants for the sake of his kids every. single. day.  Todd may not make a regular habit of shelling out a whole bunch of cash or flying halfway across the country to demonstrate commitment to our happiness, but he does plenty of other things instead.

  • He builds bed lofts so that the child with too many toys can keep them all and still have space to walk.  When he is done, he invents backyard Jenga out of the scraps.
  • He attends homeschool conferences, even though he is not the primary educator in our home, just to be supportive.
  • He can put a ballet bun in a little girl’s hair just as well as any dance mom.
  • He teaches his daughters to work with wood, use a paintbrush, cook dinner, fold laundry, ride a bike, do a headstand, and wait patiently for a mother robin to finish hatching the eggs in her nest.
  • He reads awesome bedtime stories.  Often with actions.
  • He is unashamedly loyal to his family.  Todd, like most dads out there, would gladly lay down his life without hesitation for the girls or me.  In his presence, we feel safe and loved.

My husband, by his very nature, is rather uncomfortable with large amounts of attention.  While he appreciates our Father’s Day gestures, it is his preference that we not get too crazy about it.  So we usually keep things quiet.  This year, we had a little trouble with that.

We had a parade for him.  Can you see both of the older girls in the picture?


We went on some fun rides.  Todd does really enjoy Buzz Lightyear at Magic Kingdom.


And we still gave Todd cards and let him pick out dessert.  Ice cream.  Yum!


This year on Father’s Day, things got a little nuts.  We decided to go to Disney World.  And Todd had fun.