Five Things Thankful

Recently I shared five things that happened in our family over the course of a week.  I was thankful for all of the things listed.  I enjoyed writing that post quite a bit, so I plan to make a regular habit of doing a “Five Things Thankful” post.  Maybe once or twice a month.

Because good news is good for all of us.

1.  Todd got his stitches removed.

A few weeks ago, Todd had a small accident.  The incident left him with four stitches in his left thumb.  Todd has a rather high pain tolerance and a very laid back personality about these sorts of things.


However, Todd also had some hindrances to the healing process that made him feel like things were just taking forever.  He chopped out several large shrubs from the yard (overuse of damaged thumb).  He accidentally smacked the injury site really hard once at work (re-damaged some of the injury).  And one of the stitches started to work itself loose too early (things did not heal very quickly).

The stitches should have come out after one week.  Instead, it took two and a half.  But now he has a happy thumb.  And hopefully he will be able to wash dishes again soon.

2.  Fall activities are off to a great start.

Both of our older girls started music classes at the public school last week.  The girls like their teachers and are having fun catching up with classmates from last year.  Routine is good for all of us.

I got a little teary-eyed when I dropped Natalie off at middle school for the very first time.  She has always been a kid that is small for her age.  Recently she hit a growth spurt, and now she does not seem so little anymore.  Between getting taller, acting more mature, and telling me, “No, I definitely do NOT need my mother to walk me inside the school on the very first day,” I am learning to accept that another one of my babies is growing up.

This picture was taken a year ago on her first day of orchestra.  She has changed a lot since then.


This week we start dance and confirmation.  Next week is our first 4H meeting of the year.  Our decision to really scale back on activities this fall is proving to be a very wise choice.  I am beyond thrilled to have fewer commitments written on the calendar as we transition into a new school year.

3.  We were able to host some friends in our home.

Earlier this month we found out that a friend from our college years was going to pass through our city during his cross-country move from the West Coast to the Upper Midwest.  We have not had a good conversation with him in over fifteen years, so we were very excited to provide a place for his family to stay overnight.

It was fun to catch up with our friend.  He works in church ministry, and hearing his reflections and perspective on time spent with Christian children, youth, and families was educational and interesting.  Even though it has been so long since the three of us sat together talking, it was as though hardly any time had passed at all.  As a bonus, our youngest daughter had a blast playing with our friend’s oldest son.  The two of them were very sad to say goodbye to one another.

And if one night of hosting was not enough, we had a local friend over for dinner this weekend, too.  He has been our source for locally grown sweet corn for years.  Sometimes he brings potatoes and cucumbers, too.  As a thank you for his generosity, we shared a meal with him.  The food was yummy, the conversation was good, and the time spent together was fulfilling.

Todd and I do not “entertain” very often, but times like this remind us that we should.  It is a lot of fun.

4.  The camper is actually big enough for us (and our stuff).

We intentionally purchased a small camper.  It meets all of our needs for towing and parking.  Once we got the camper home and I started really thinking about space configuration inside, though, I became a little apprehensive.  I have a pretty large kitchen in our home.  How in the world was I going to condense everything down into a closet shelf and one and a half miniature cabinets?

I also have three daughters and two dogs.  They all have stuff.  Lots of stuff.

Somehow it all worked out.  I have loaded nearly everything I need into our camper.  I have allotted space for the items that are yet to arrive from Amazon.  The packing situation might get interesting when this camper becomes our rolling efficiency apartment during extended road trips, but for now it is all good.

5.  This guy.

I had a *small* emotional meltdown one day last week.  Todd saw it coming and was ready to weather the storm.  Even though our relationship is nearly twenty-two years old, I am still surprised with how well he knows me.


I am grateful for Todd’s patience, forgiving spirit, and ability to talk me down from the edge.  And to top it all off, he bought me really yummy dairy-free ice cream on Saturday.  Todd is a really awesome guy.

Our family had ups and downs this week, but in the end it was good.  We worked together, enjoyed fun times, and problem solved our way through a few messes.  I am thankful for the opportunities I had to spend time with those I love and care about.