Fix-It-Fred: Landscaping Edging

Last summer I started an overwhelming project to backfill around our house. I referred to it as the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” project. Every time I turned around or finished some portion of the project there were more tasks that cropped up. While I successfully finished the backfilling project last year, I did not get all the companion tasks completed.


One of those tasks was to replace the edging bordering the flower beds around the house. As I spread the excess landscape rock through the beds in the backyard, I replaced that edging. Actually, for much of it I had to add it. There was no border between the grass and the dirt for most of it. I did not replace any edging in the front yard. I knew it would be too big of a project to get completed before it snowed and the ground froze. So I put the project on the back burner until warmer weather arrived.

Several days in the past week were over 90°. Warmer weather has arrived. And holding to form, I worked on replacing all the edging in the front of the house. I removed all the old black plastic edging about a month ago. Our city has an annual “cleanup week” every spring. It affords us the opportunity to throw out things that do not fit in our garbage can. I took advantage of that and threw the ugly old edging to the curb. I also took out a dying juniper bush at the same time.

new grass

A few weeks ago I planted grass in the area the juniper used to occupy. I had spent enough time picking the rocks out of the yard from the kids running through that area. After three years it was time to replace the rock with grass.  I installed a few edging blocks between the new grass and rock when I planted it.  Then I left the grass to grow for a while.

new edging

Last week it was finally time to tackle the edging projects again. Since I had already removed the old edging and done the rock work, installing the new edging was relatively simple. Smooth the ground where the blocks would sit. Fill in around them with rock and dirt. Touch up the lawn with some new grass seed. Take some pictures. Sit back and enjoy the updated curb appeal of the front yard.

black edging

Perhaps this summer will be long enough I will be able to tackle the next landscaping project in our yard. Removing the final piece of poorly installed black plastic edging. We have one tree that will need small raised bed built around it to replace the edging. First I need to remove the rock from the area. It is the last eyesore area for landscaping in our yard. Before I start this project though, I need to figure out exactly what I want it to look like. At least it is early in the summer and I still have time for that.


What type of landscaping do you like? What do you think improves a house’s curb appeal? Let us know!