Giving Thanks – Week 2

Our family is attempting to be more thoughtful about gratitude and the ways we can bless others this November.  Last week, I shared our struggles with this idea of thanks.  This does not mean we are not glad for all we have.  In truth, we are very blessed and we know it.

thanks grateful blessing gratitude finding joy

Instead, I think we are having difficulty expressing our thoughts effectively, especially when it comes to how we are blessing others.  Everyone in our house seems to think they have to do an over-the-top act of kindness in order to bless someone else.  In reality, the mundane and simple acts of love and generosity are often the most needed and appreciated.

So, I will talk about that today.  The ways we have been blessed this week.  And the ways we have blessed others.

Todd was able to get away for a few days and spend the weekend with his dad and some good childhood friends.  I bet if you know Todd’s dad, and you ask him whether or not having Todd be able to just be there for the weekend was a blessing, he will probably say it was.  Their uninterrupted father-son time does not come around all that often, and it is a blessing to them both when they can share a weekend just hanging out.

While Todd was gone, the girls and I got to relax at home.  We watched three movies, which is an almost unheard of indulgence around here.  It was absolutely wonderful.  My girls are a huge blessing to me.

Abbie is blessed by a new mentor relationship that she is forming with a twenty-something year old woman at our church.  They spent a couple hours together on Saturday baking some of the best chocolate cupcakes ever.  I look forward to seeing how these two women impact one another for the better.

Natalie is undertaking a time-consuming, yet very generous task this month.  She is creating handmade presents for many of the people on her Christmas list.  I know the recipients of those gifts will feel blessed by her gift of time and thoughtfulness.

And Jocelyn?  Well, she was blessed this week by a woman named Kari.  Every time I sit in a tiny room with my husband, my child, and a professional (I have some experience with this), I get extremely apprehensive.  Kari put me at ease, though.  Anyone who can put the words dyslexia and hope into a single sentence with complete sincerity and confidence is a blessing to me and my family.

It is okay to be grateful for the mundane, the awesome stuff, and even the really crummy curveballs that come with this life.  And it is perfectly appropriate for us to be a blessing to others in really small, simple ways.

What is your family grateful for?  How have you been a blessing to others?