$400 Budget Update – 3/9

This week I spent more time studying for CLEP exams than just about anything else.  I took my first exam of six on Monday–and passed.  Yay!  Now I am working my way through materials for exam number two.  As a result, grocery shopping is a fast and simple process around here right now. Sometimes, this … Read more

$400 Budget Update – 3/2

March has begun, and we just barely squeaked in under budget this February.  Since spring is slowly making an appearance, we should see some produce sales that will help things a bit.  I hope so, at least. This week I shopped at three stores: Walmart and two local chains.  In addition, my order of forty … Read more

$400 Budget Update – 2/2

Phil officially predicted six more weeks of winter this morning.  I do not put faith in a groundhog’s ability to forecast the weather, but I suspect he is correct that we will continue enduring cold and snow for quite a while.  Sad.  I look forward to running errands without facing icy parking lot obstacle courses, … Read more