Putting the Dogs in Their Place

A few weeks back I wrote a post about my attempt to keep the dogs contained in the back of our car. You can read it here if you want a refresher. Unfortunately, my attempts were in vain. My barricade kept the dogs at bay for about 1 hour and 20 minutes of an almost 8 hour trip. Not exactly the success I was hoping for. Somehow one of the dogs managed to push their big, empty head though a hole about the size of a golf ball. I still don’t know how that happened. As you know, where the head goes, so goes the body.

As I rode the remainder of the trip in the back seat of our car, I contemplated my revenge on the dogs. Since I am compassionate and humane, I knew I would need to keep them alive and in the car. Otherwise, nothing was off the table. By the time we got back home after a weekend away I had a plan. And I hoped it was a good one.

dog rack 3 1

I added a piece of plexi-glas the to the last upper opening in the wall to keep the dogs from poking their heads through. I also added two additional bars that run the full width of the vehicle for reinforcement. One of them filled the mouse-hole that our behemoth dogs crawled through. They also added some support to the sides so the dogs could not push against them and slowly force them out of position.

dog rack mad max

The last update I made was to add some holes in the plexi-glas to hopefully improve the ventilation. At least a little bit. I did not want to cook the dogs in the back of the car. Only contain them.

After the improvements I made, we took another road trip. This one was successful! We made it to our destination and back with the dogs still securely where they belonged. Five hours in the car with everyone staying in their place. That’s the first trip we made without canine incident since Christmas.

We will put the dog rack to another test soon as we travel to visit family. If the rack holds up it will be a great success. If not, perhaps it can be used in the next Mad Max movie.

Do you have any fun (or horrific) travel stories with your pets? Share them with us, so we can all laugh at your expense.