The $350 Budget – 11/5

The arrival of November always reminds me that our season of soups, stews, baking, and hot apple cider has returned.  Hooray for a new month in the $350 budget!  I am excited to fill our fridge, freezer, and pantry with cold winter staples.  I am not eager for the temperatures and weather that go along with these types of comfort foods.

If you are new to Team Made Family, head over to my original post on the $350 budget to learn all about the hows and whys of our grocery spending.  As a reminder for those who have been here before, in October we came in under budget by a few dollars ($3.32, to be exact).  Catch that post here.

I always use leftover money as a carry-over for the next month.  That means that our budget starts at $353.32 for November.  And, in case you were wondering, our onions are still alive.  I plan to continue cutting off onion tops for use in various recipes.

I will use our budget this month to mostly purchase pantry necessities.  Our Thanksgiving budget is pretty small because we eat with family members.  I will only need to contribute a small portion of the meal.  I will probably stock up on turkey and other Thanksgiving staples, though.

I shopped at Costco, CVS, Dollar Tree, and two local chains this week.  All of the online shopping I did was for items not included in the $350 budget.

At the end of today’s post, you’ll see our weekly menu plan.

Local Chain #1:

grocery budget cutting costs

  • Apple juice (1 gal.), $1.98
  • Flour (5 lb.), $2.39
  • Baby carrots (1 lb.), $0.99
  • Almond milk (1/2 gal.), Skim milk (1 gal.), Eggs (2 doz.), $9.98
  • Total: $15.34

Local Chain #2:

low cost family friendly easy

  • Dry pasta (4 lb.), $3.92
  • Mayo (60 oz.), $3.96
  • Corn (61 oz.), Green beans (29 oz.), $2.88
  • Salted nut rolls (3.6 oz.), free after coupon
  • Pears (3 lb.), Apples (3 lb.), Romaine lettuce (2), $8.59 after Checkout 51 rebate on lettuce
  • Orange juice (1 gal.), $2.98
  • Total: $22.33


household budget save money

  • Tortilla chips (3 lb.), Raisins (4.5 lb.), Flour (25 lb.), $17.47
  • Butter (4 lb.), Lactose free milk (1.5 gal.), Skim milk (3 gal.), Shredded cheddar (5 lb.), $38.13 after Ibotta rebates for cheese and milk
  • Bananas (3 lb.), $0.94 after Ibotta and Checkout 51 rebates
  • Membership fee (we take out $11 from our budget per month for five months), $11.00
  • Total: $67.54


easy budget coupons checkout 51

  • Bagged popcorn (10 oz.), $1.98 after coupon
  • Electrolyte water (25.4 oz.), $1.05
  • Maxi pads (18 ct.), $1.49 after coupons
  • Total: $0.18 money maker after tax and redemption of $5.00 Extrabucks.  I also earned $2.25 in Extrabucks to use on my next shopping trip to CVS!

Dollar Tree:

ibotta how to cut costs

  • Pretzel nuggets (24 oz.), Animal crackers (11 oz.), Whale crackers (7 oz.), $4.00
  • Tortillas (2 lb.), $2.00
  • Total: $6.00

Grand Total: $111.03

I spent more than I wanted this week.  The most expensive items I bought will last us through the month.  We should still be okay with the $242.29 that remains.


Cereal, toast, baked oatmeal, pancakes.


Soup, burritos, sandwiches, quesadillas, mac & cheese, fruits & veggies.


Chili, crackers, lettuce salad

Cheese pizza, lettuce salad, corn

Chicken and rice, carrots, lettuce salad

Tex-Mex lasagna with lentils, lettuce salad

Tuna melts, mashed potatoes, green beans

Chicken pasta salad, raisins, lettuce salad

Country-style beans, biscuits, corn

How do you keep your grocery budget in check?  What are you eating this week?