The $400 Budget Update – 9/15

Oh my budget, how I have a love-hate relationship with you.  I love that you force me to spend creatively, avoid impulse shopping, and cook from scratch.  I detest when you make me feel like a spendthrift.  Sigh.

Our August budget was completely blown and ate significantly into September.  Our September money is quickly dwindling with only half of the month gone.  Will we get through the next two weeks on what we have left?  Well…time will tell.  But with a couple of children’s birthday parties, almost no toilet paper in the house, and the never-ending need to resupply groceries around here, it looks unlikely.  Oh well.  Hopefully by the end of October everything will all shake out okay.

This week, I shopped at Walmart, Costco, and one local chain.  We also went to the home of some friends, who graciously shared a trunkful of produce with us.  If you are new to my weekly budgeting post, you can catch the original story here.  As always, our family’s weekly menu plan is listed down below.



  • Flour (25 lb.), Tortillas (3 lb.), Gluten-free bread (34.6 oz.), Gluten-free flour (3 lb.), Veggie straws (25 oz.), Shredded cheddar (5 lb.), Hummus (2 lb.), Milk (2 gal.), Almond milk (1.5 gal.), $64.87 after Ibotta rebate
  • Total: $64.87


Forgot the picture.

  • Applesauce (46 oz.), Tomato soup (10.75 oz.), Pasta (2 lb.), Gluten-free pasta (1 lb.), Ice cream (1.75 qt.), Hot dogs (1 lb.), Lunch meat (30 oz.), $15.38 after Ibotta rebates
  • Total: $15.38

Garden Produce from Friends


  • Free!

Local Chain


  • Pineapple (1), Lettuce (1), Red cabbage (2.34 lb.), Baby carrots (2 lb.), Oranges (2.45 lb.), Eggs (1.5 doz.), Shredded mozzarella (8 oz.), $15.01 after reusable bag discount and Checkout 51 rebate
  • Total: $15.01

Grand Total: $95.26

September Total: $276.18

We now have $123.82 left to work with in the next two weeks.  I am going to get creative and clever so that we can limit our spending over budget as much as possible.  We should do better than we did at the end of August, which means that hopefully by the end of October, we will be back on track.


Homemade Baked Oatmeal, toast with peanut butter, Homemade Granola, eggs, fruit


Quesadillas, sandwiches, noodles w/beans, fruits & veggies


Chicken pasta salad, corn, lettuce salad

Pancakes, eggs, fried potatoes, melon

Sandwiches on Homemade Bread, lettuce salad, tomatoes

Homemade Mac & Cheese, peas, lettuce salad

Hot Dogs on Homemade Buns, potato chips, coleslaw

Beefy rice, mixed veggies, carrots

Cheeseburger Pizza, lettuce salad

Do you have any creative recipes that help stretch your grocery budget?  Let me know in an email or comment below!