Transitioning from Work to Home

I work in an office dominated by men and computers. As a result, it is a relatively quiet environment. My home, with kids and pets, is not! Every day when I walk in the door at home I am greeted with loud, excited kids (mostly the youngest) and dogs. They are wonderful sounds to hear, but sometimes overwhelming after sitting in near silence most of the day.

pirate Jo-min
ARRRR you excited to be home?

There have been days in the past that I have not been prepared for the noise, so I have not met the kids’ enthusiasm with the response it deserves. This means I have seen disappointment in their eyes, and that is heartbreaking. In order to minimize such a situation, I have employed a technique on those work days that have been long and challenging.

If I am not ready to face the noise when I pull into the garage, I spend an extra minute or two in the car/garage to prepare myself and ensure I can be as excited as my family is when I open the door. That short amount of time switches my focus from work to home and allows me to enjoy the smiles on my daughters’ faces. Being engaged at home doesn’t end at the door; that’s where it all begins.

not happy
I miss daddy

There are many ways to make sure your family gets the best of you, and this is one of the ways I do it. It is quick, simple, painless, and free. What could be better? How about you? What are some of the methods you utilize to make the transition from work to home? Add a comment or send me an email!