Weekend Work Wednesday 3/1

Below is this week’s list of what I found on a particularly good sale price.  Some of the things listed here are specific items, others are categories; it all depends on how the sales are structured.  There are links to the specific store’s ad on their website if you want more information on any of these items.

Ace Hardware (valid through March 31)
          This is the same list all month
Craftsman hand tools
Grass seed and fertilizer
Outdoor tools and furniture
Bird suet

Home Depot (valid through March 12):
Paint and painting supplies
Bathroom fixtures and accessories
Kitchen and bath event

Lowes (valid through March 6):
LED lighting
Up to 35% off select appliances $396 or more
Bathroom accessories and fixtures
10% off hard surface flooring
Up to 40% off kitchen event

Menards (valid through March 5):
Kitchen cabinets and counters
Outdoor furniture
Outdoor decorating and landscaping
Power tools
Paint and painting supplies
Ladder rebate

Menards free after mail-in rebate items (valid through March 5):
Quick connect hose set ($1.99 value)
8oz. interlocking storage jar ($1.29 value)
4″ paint brush (5.29 value)
Digital thermometer ($4.00 value)
Conventional wiper blade ($3.34 value)
6″ sheetrock joint knife ($6.99 value)
10′ k-style aluminum gutter ($4.98 value)